Adult Visual Novel Bullet Hell Game 'Gremory' Hits Kickstarter October 22nd

Seattle, WA. - Manga and game publisher MiKandi Japan has partnered with indie dev team Studio Bottomtext to crowdfund Gremory : Tale of the God Slayer, an adult visual novel and bullet hell game rolled into one. The Kickstarter will launch October 22nd and run until November 21st, 2019. While the minimum funding goal is $6,000 USD, stretch goals packed with enticing bonus content could see the campaign reaching far beyond that.

Story: “Defeat the Gods, and become one of them!”

The game revolves around Gremory, a not-so-innocent succubus. She's been defeated and stripped of her demonic powers by the mighty goddesses Thor, Odin, and Loki. Now out for revenge, Gremory has traveled the galaxy searching for that special “demi-god in shining armor” to help restore her strength. And after landing on Earth, she finally finds the one she's been looking for: YOU! You are a demi-god, aren't you? Now it's time to put your skills to the test! Jump into bullet hell action with Gremory across multiple stages of Asgard, defeat the ruling goddesses, then “extract” their essence. Should you succeed, the rewards will be divine!

Get the Launch Announcement and Demo!

MiKandi Japan has already started taking a head count of early backers. For more info about the game, demo release, and Kickstarter launch announcement, be sure to visit their official Gremory page here:

Gremory Campaign and Game Highlights

An array of Kickstarter reward tiers with popular digital and physical items.

A demo (for Windows PC).

Stretch goals including: partial Japanese voice dialogue; animated CGs; a “hot springs” fanservice scene; a bonus story route.

Heroic fantasy narrative with elements of drama and mature humor.

Fun and challenging battle stages influenced by Japanese bullet hell titles like eXceed 3rd - JADE PENETRATE - from Tennen-sozai.

Uncensored ero scenes rewarded for defeating bosses.

About Studio Bottomtext

Studio Bottomtext is an indie dev team with a passion for creating visual novels and bullet hell/shoot 'em up style games. Gremory : Tale of the God Slayer will be their first of many more games to be published. Be sure to follow them on social media for Gremory news and their other game updates.


About MiKandi Japan

MiKandi Japan is a Japanese to English game and manga publisher. To date, they have published over one hundred adult manga episodes from top ero labels KATTS Men's Comics and Ero Manga Island. All manga are available for purchase in digital format for Desktop, Mobile Web, Android, and iPhones on MiKandi (the world's leading adult app store). MiKandi Japan is also known for successfully funding the localization of XERO's bishoujo visual novel Libra of the Vampire Princess.




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