Japanese SRPG Launches on Kickstarter Today

Japanese doujin SRPG launches on Kickstarter today!

OCTOBER 8, 2019 –
LionWing Publishing is excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the Japanese doujin SRPG Sorcery Tempest launches today at 11:30 AM EST! We have also released the game's reveal trailer which can be seen below or by clicking here.

Sorcery Tempest is an SRPG from doujin developer MUYM that harkens back to the golden era of the genre. From designer Tatsuya Morihiro, Sorcery Tempest offers players an exciting blend of unique turn-based strategy combat, a grim story, and deep character customization, and provides 30 hours of gameplay.

Sorcery Tempest Features

Nearly 10 characters to recruit for your party.
40 monsters to capture and take into battle.
Classic turn-based strategy combat with unique board game-like elements.
The ability to customize your characters'stats to create the perfect team.
Over 50 weapons to synthesize with which to cut down your foes.
Over 100 spells to learn, 200 pieces of gear to equip, and 300 skills to employ.
100 sub-events and side-quests to uncover that detail the game's dark universe.
Choices that affect the world and people around you.
30 hours of gameplay spanning a script of a quarter of a million written Japanese characters.

About LionWing Publishing

LionWing Publishing is an upstart localization company focused on bringing to the West media from Japan and beyond. They work primarily with independent design circles interested in expanding their audience by way of localization. Their first game was the anime-themed tabletop combat game Sainome Colosseum R, which they successfully crowdfunded in the summer of 2018, earning almost 200% of their asking goal. They released their first localized PC game this past June, the Japanese cute-em-up HORGIHUGH. For more information on LionWing, please visit their official website at www.lionwingpublishing.com.

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