New York Based Anime Songwriter, Shihori Releases Her 10th Anniversary, Self-Cover Album “Shihorism"

SHIHORI released her first self-cover album titled SHIHORISM, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary as an Anime Songwriter. Released in Japan on the 25th of December, 2019. The worldwide release is planned to be on the 7th of February, 2020 for every major digital platforms.

Under her former stage name, Sena , in 2007, she was signed into Lantis (Japanese record label now known as BANDAI NAMCO Arts ) as a singer songwriter with major debut single, TSUBASA (the ending theme song for TV anime KishinTaisen Gigantic Formula”). Since 2009, SHIHORI has prolifically written music and lyrics for numerous internationally acclaimed TV anime series including; FAIRY TAIL, The Irregular At Magic High School, My Little Pony, Macross Frontier, Valvrave, Beelzebub, Galactic Heroes, Ace of Diamond, and many more. For 10 years, her works have gained firm trust among amine music fans, for their memorable melodies that satisfy both lyricalness and complexity.

SHIHORISM includes seven self-covered songs which were chosen out of over 100 of her works. Included are three anime songs; Don't think. Feel!!! (ending theme song for TV anime, FAIRY TAIL ), Millenario (ending theme song for TV anime, The Irregular At Magic High School ), TSUBASA (ending theme song for KishinTaisen Gigantic Formula ), and four songs written for J-POP artists; Hatsukoi Cider -sung by Buono! (Japanese idol group )-, has been the “anthem” in Japanese idol pop music industry for past 8 years. Chinmoku no Kajitsu , her first work as a songwriter, was written for Nana Mizuki - Japanese anime star singer/voice actress-. SeishunFu (theme song for the movie titled The Curtain Rises ), written for Momoiro Clover Z - one of the biggest Japanese idol groups since 2013-. Catalmoa, written for Yoshino Nanjo - singer/voice actress, and a member of μ 's (idol group), from the popular TV anime series Love Live! Sunshine!!.

These seven songs in the album are newly arranged into full acoustic version, and recorded with musicians she met in New York. With her background in classical music and 80's Anime Classics, SHIHORISM introduces new and unique perspective that freely combines multiple elements of; pop, rock, classical, and jazz.

SHIHORI has moved to New York since January 2018 in pursuit of her project titled Share the American Dream Project. She has released her 1st EP, Angel in the Garden (2018), 1st single, Let me go (2019), and 2nd single titled Jungle- Cyber Mix- (2019). She has performed at music venues and conventions all around the US, while continuing to write new songs for Japanese artists.

*SHIHORI tour 2020
・March 21st-22nd, Tora Con in NY
・April 25th, KOGARACON in NJ
・May 2nd-3rd, Castle Point Anime Convention in NY
・May 9th-17th SHIHORI Japan Tour 2020

HIHORISM sample movie on YouTube

Release information
Album title: SHIHORISM
Digital release date: February 7th 2020
Pre-order date: January 21st 2020
Production: Melodic Arts Inc.

1. Millenario
( Anime “The Irregular at Magic High School” ED theme song/ Original singer: ELISA / Music by SHIHORI )
2. Chinmoku no Kajitsu
( Original singer: Nana Mizuki / Music, Lyrics by SHIHORI )
3. Hatsukoi Cider
( TV show “Mathematics Girls' School” ED theme song / TV show “Happy Music” ED theme song / Original singer: Buono! / Music by SHIHORI )
4. SeishunFu
( Movie “The Certain Rises” theme song / Original singer: Momoiro Clover Z / Music by SHIHORI )
( TV anime “KishinTaisen Gigantic Formula” ED theme song / Original singer: Sena / Music, Lyrics by Sena )
6. Don't think. Feel!!!
( TV anime “FAIRY TAIL” ED theme song / Original Singer: Idoling!!! / Music by SHIHORI )
7. Catalmoa
( Original singer: Yoshino Nanjo / Music, Lyrics by SHIHORI )

Musicians credit
Guitar: Andre Vasconcelos / Sungwon Kim
Bass: Jude Kim
Cello: Phuc Phan Do
Percussion: Sebastian Chiribogav
Drums: Evan Hyde / Mark Bell
Music director: Jude kim
Recording Engineer: Daniel Alba / Akihiro Nishimura
Mixing Engineer: Akihiro Nishimura
Mastering Engineer: Oscar Zambrano (Zampol Productionas)
Photographer: Mario Suzuki (Studio Marion)
Advisor: Hiroshi Kono / Producer: SHIHORI

SHIHORI information

Official web site:

Twitter: @shihoriNY (EN) / @shihori94 (JP)
Instagram: @shihori94
YouTube TWETcQRCzH09SvUzlK2wjTIM

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