GRANRODEO Holds First Global Online Concert to Re-Kick off Their 15th Anniversary Year

August 1, 2020
Bandai Namco Arts

GRANRODEO, a band with a long history dating back to their debut in November 2005, held their first online concert, GRANRODEO 15th ANNIVERSARY Startup Live -Takaga 15 years-, on July 31, 2020. This concert was originally scheduled to be held in Toyosu PIT in March, but after an unavoidable cancellation, it was decided to hold it online instead. Despite the lack of a live audience, GRANRODEO gave a dynamic performance worthy of their name.

The set list for this concert was specially compiled with the help of their fans. Choosing from among the hundreds of songs that GRANRODEO has released over the years, fans voted for their favorites, and the set list was created from the most popular songs in each year. GRANRODEO has done many tours both in Japan and abroad, but this was their first time using a voting system. It was also their first performance in 10 months since GRANRODEO LIVE TOUR 2019 FAB LOVE, so even before the streaming started, Twitter and the comment section on YouTube were buzzing with enthusiastic messages from fans all over the world.

At exactly 19:30, a dramatic BGM reminiscent of a movie opening sounded out over the darkened stage, and KISHOW, e-ZUKA (guitar) and supporting members Isamu Takita (bass) and SHiN (drums) took up their positions under the red spotlights. With the excitement reaching a crescendo, GRANRODEO opened with their latest single, “Jonetsu wa Oboete iru,” which will be out on September 9th. Starting with the mystical, ethnic-sounding intro on the sitar, the song's passion quietly built up until it exploded into the chorus. KISHOW's sharp vocals and e-ZUKA's powerful groove are the latest evolution of GRANRODEO.

During the first talking segment, e-ZUKA seemed a little thrown off by the lack of an audience, commenting, “Is the whole world really watching?” However, as they worked their way through the set list, both their performance and their emceeing became smoother. With their robust sound and sometimes intense performances in front of the camera (during the 8th song “Y.W.F,” KISHOW lay flat on the stage!), GRANRODEO's powerful style was just the same as during a regular concert. It was easy to forget they were performing in an empty livehouse.

The set list also contained an element of surprise. Since the vote was carried out at the end of last year, all the songs following “Jonetsu wa Oboete iru” were a reflection of the fan's feelings over the last 15 years. The list went in reverse chronological order from 2019 to 2005, and as KISHOW commented, “There were always going to be few surprises.” In addition to the hit singles, it was interesting to see that almost half of the list consisted of coupling numbers such as “Forte,” “Nichijou Horizon,” “Y.W.F,” “Beat it, Love!” and “Shien” and album songs such as “Namida Bana,” “Silence,” and “NO PLACE LIKE A STAGE.” All of these were heavy numbers that were extremely popular at concerts. The results of the vote prove that GRANRODEO shows their greatest potential when performing live. It was also nostalgic to hear some of the older songs that are seldom played these days, such as “Amai Itami wa Genso no Hate ni” from 2008. As this was a free live stream, I'm sure that many viewers were seeing GRANRODEO perform for the first time, and I believe this set list demonstrated to them that GRANRODEO has many powerful tunes in addition to their anime theme songs.

Despite the fact that this was their first concert in a while and took place in an empty livehouse, GRANRODEO performed with all of their usual passion, and the second half was even better. In particular, it was clear from the first few numbers of the final section that KISHOW's voice has grown stronger and e-ZUKA's guitar skills sharper over the years, adding an additional weight to their music. During the final talking segment, KISHOW said, “Thank you, YouTube. To be honest, I wasn't sure how things would turn out, but we had a lot of fun. I hope you felt the same way!” After that, they finished with their debut song “Go For It!” to commemorate the occasion. Just like their usual concerts, they included ten calls and responses, and KISHOW made a dramatic jump at the end. As Takaga 15 years came to an end, my impression was that they were able to perfectly showcase 15 years of history with a passionate performance as hot as fire.

The total number of simultaneous viewers was 18,000, and “#Takaga15years” was trending in 3rd place on Twitter. This concert will be viewable on GRANRODEO's official YouTube channel until 00:00 on Wednesday, August 12. If you couldn't watch it in real time, please check out the archive.

After the performance, it was announced through Twitter and other channels that GRANRODEO will be releasing a special 15th anniversary collection called “GRANRODEO Singles Collection RODEO BEAT SHAKE.” GRANRODEO's anniversary year isn't over yet. I am greatly looking forward to the release of this album, which will include songs both new and old. (Mika Abe)

GRANRODEO official website:
GRANRODEO Lantis label:

GRANRODEO 15th ANNIVERSARY Startup Live -Takaga 15 years- will be viewable on GRANRODEO's official YouTube channel until 00:00 on Wednesday, August 12.

GRANRODEO 15th ANNIVERSARY Startup Live -Takaga 15 years-


◎The GRANRODEO Singles Collection “RODEO BEAT SHAKE” has been announced!
From their debut single “Go For It!” to their latest single “Jonetsu wa Oboete iru,” this 15th anniversary best album will contain a total of 32 tracks, including new songs, on a high quality CD (UHQCD). There will also be a limited edition anniversary box that contains a concert disk with sound sources chosen by KISHOW and e-ZUKA, a Blu-ray containing music clips and footage from GRANRODEO 15th ANNIVERSARY Startup Live -Takaga 15 years-, and an original snow globe. Initial runs will also come with a special CARU UTA card.

◾️GRANRODEO Singles Collection “RODEO BEAT SHAKE” Commercial

◾️GRANRODEO Singles Collection “RODEO BEAT SHAKE” dedicated webpage

◾️Product Information
Singles Collection “RODEO BEAT SHAKE”
Release date: November 4, 2020
Limited Edition Anniversary Box (3CD+BD): LACA-39790~2 / 9,000¥ (excluding tax)
Regular Edition (2CD): LACA-9790〜1 / 3,200¥ (excluding tax)

Product specifications:
Limited Edition Anniversary Box (3CD+BD): 3x CDs (UHQCD), 1x Blu-ray, 1x original snow globe, 1x CARU UTA special card
Regular Edition (2CD): 2x CDs (UHQCD), 1x special CARU UTA card
*Cards will only be available for the first run.

Track list:
Disc 1
01. (A new song)
02. Go For It!
03. Infinite Love
05. Doukoku no Ame
07. delight song
08. NOT for SALE
09. Detarame na Zanzou
10. Darlin'
11. tRANCE
12. modern strange cowboy
13. Koi Oto
14. We wanna R&R SHOW
16. Ai no Warrior

Disc 2
01. Can Do
04. Henai no Rondo
05. The Other self
06. Hengen Jizai no Magical Star
07. Punky Funky Love
08. Memories
10. Shounen no Hate
11. Glorious days
12. move on!
13. Deadly Drive
15. Setsuna no Ai
16. Jonetsu wa Oboete iru

Disc 3 *Anniversary Box only
02. Snow Pallet (GRANRODEO LIVE TOUR 2008 “RODEO DELIGHT” at Zepp Tokyo)
03. Summer GT09 (Tozai Toransu Raitake Natsunojin at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall)
05. Kanariya (GRANRODEO LIVE 2011 G6 ROCK☆SHOW “SUPERNOVA FEVER” at Nippon Budokan)
07. SEA OF STARS (GRANRODEO LIVE 2013 Y.W.F /(^o^)\ Yahoo Wandaho FUJIYAMA!! at Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest)
08. Beautiful world (GRANRODEO LIVE 2014 G9 ROCK☆SHOW at Saitama Super Arena)
09. Once & Forever (GRANRODEO LIVE TOUR 2015 “KARMA & LABYRINTH” at Saitama Super Arena)
10. Bararai (GRANRODEO LIVE TOUR 2016 TREASURE CANDY at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall)
11. 21st CENTURY LOVERS (GRANRODEO LIVE 2017 G7 ROCK☆SHOW “Wasure uta wo, Todoke ni Kimashita” at Music Town Oto-Ichiba)
12. Haitoku no Kodou (GRANRODEO LIVE 2018 KISHOW Ube Gaisen Rodeo Buru Toppin “Atsute Waya ni Nari Soujakee Mina de Buchi Moriagarou ya” at Ubeshi Watanabeo Memorial Hall)
13. Rakugaki MOON (GRANRODEO limited SHOW supported by MTV at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo)

Blu-ray *Anniversary Box only
New music clips
Existing music clips based on fan vote
GRANRODEO 15th ANNIVERSARY Startup Live -Takaga 15 years-

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