Ginga Force & Natsuki Chronicles - Physical Release for PS4 Confirmed

Two modern genre-classics are going physical!

Rising Star Games and First Press Games announce their collaboration to realize Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles for PlayStation 4 as a limited physical release in Q2 of 2021, with preorders starting this weekend!

About the Games

Among genre-enthusiasts and PlayStation 4 fans, Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles by Qute Corporation are two of the most-awaited Shoot 'em Up releases for PlayStation 4.

Both games have been XBOX-exclusives for a long time and only Ginga Force received a Japan-only physical release back in 2013 - Which is now one of the most sought-after collection pieces for the XBOX 360. The superb XBOX ONE sequel Natsuki Chronicles stayed a download-only release until now.

This September, Ginga Force made its long-awaited digital debut on PlayStation 4 and in early 2021, Natsuki Chronicles will follow its footsteps onto PSN as well!

Ginga Force

Ginga Force is a vertical Shoot 'em Up at its core, with an added focus towards immersive storytelling.

Set on the planet Seventia in a distant future, you will join forces with Alex and Margaret, two exceptional pilots who are tasked to guard the planet from an intimidating collection of criminals and terrorists.

Ginga Force is known among genre-enthusiasts for its episodic game-flow and exciting changes of pace during the levels. A modern classic of the Shoot 'em Up genre!


A dramatic Story Mode with 10+ stages and exciting bossfights
Alternative Score Attack Mode with Online Leaderboards
Spectacular camera-perspective changes during the ongoing action
Weapon customization system with thousands of possible combinations

Available ingame-languages: English, Japanese, German, French

Natsuki Chronicles

A new horizontal Shoot 'em Up that takes place within the same setting as Ginga Force.

Natsuki Chronicles follows the character Natsuki from a new perspective on the story. Discover her past as a rookie pilot up to present time, with events that happen in parallel or even coincide with those in Ginga Force.

Through its unique display of bullet paths, Natsuki Chronicles makes the bullet-hell on screen much more accessible and adds tactical depth to the action. This game was long-awaited by fans of Ginga Force and didn't disappoint in the slightest!


Story Mode alternating between past and present over 10+ stages
Arcade Mode for quick action with Online Leaderboards
Huge selection for weapon customization with countless combinations
"Bullet Trajectory Display" for observing the direction of enemy bullets!

Available ingame-languages: English, Japanese, German, French

The Physical Releases

The physical edition of Qute's Ginga Force & Natsuki Chronicles are released as a collaboration between First Press Games and Rising Star Games, with the release of the physical editions scheduled for Q2 of 2021.

The Pre-Orders for both games will open this Saturday, 16. January 2021 at 7 PM CEST / 1 PM EDT.

Both games are available as a Regular and Collector's Edition. A special bundled Collector's Edition which includes both releases and a special extra is also available.

The physical releases are exclusively available for order through the First Press Games online store, with world-wide shipping available:

The limitation of the Regular Editions will be regulated through open pre-order, while the Collector Editions have a set amount right from the start:

Ginga Force
Regular Edition - 39.99€, open pre-order
Collector's Edition - 69.99€, limited to 750 pieces

Natsuki Chronicles
Regular Edition - 39.99€, open pre-order
Collector's Edition - 69.99€, limited to 750 pieces

Special Bundle
Collector's Edition - 149.99€, limited to 250 pieces

Orders placed during the open preorder receive an early preorder-bonus, more details about this are available on First Press Games' online store.

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