Street Fighter V: Championship Edition Collab Event Returns to The Battle Cats

From January 18th at 11:00am until February 1st at 11:00am, weirdly cute tower defense app The Battle Cats hosts the heroes of Street Fighter V: Championship Edition for a limited time crossover event! This updated revival of the fan-favorite collaboration even includes the addition of even more mighty Street Fighter heroes as recruitable units for your Cat Army, along with special stages, dojo ranking challenges, and campaign rewards!

Gather an unstoppable army of the world's greatest fighters to help lead your Cats to world domination! During the event, visit the Rare Capsules in The Battle Cats for your chance to collect five new Uber Rare heroes, along with Rare, Super Rare, and returning Ubers from the first collaboration. Round 2 of this collab introduces Street Fighter stalwarts M. Bison, Sagat, Balrog, Vega, and E. Honda as top-class collectible units, as well as the powerful True Form of Ryu!
And truly lucky players might just earn the loyalty of a secret fighter of unmatched power…

After gathering your army, head to the Legend Stories' Special Stages to challenge the greatest warriors of Street Fighter V: Championship Edition on multiple maps appearing only during this collaboration! Start your journey with one of three Street Fighter maps, with Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty stages for players of any experience level. Clearing the final stage of any of these maps will unlock the limited-edition hero Ryu Cat! Next, take on even bigger battles in the New Challenger stages, with opponents waiting for you in random order to test your skills before the ultimate final fight! Can you beat the last boss and unlock another powerful unit?

Join in on the real worldwide battle by entering the Catclaw Dojo and taking on Street Fighter V: Championship Edition Ranking Stage I Seek the Strongest and earning a place on the high score leaderboard. This updated version of the collab only Dojo event will include NEW enemies appearing to stop your Cat's march to victory. Can you beat other Battle Cats players across the globe and make it into the top 10% for glorious rewards?

Anyone who enters the Cat Base between January 18th and February 1st can collect one new daily login stamp each day, earning bigger and better rewards of battle items, capsule ticket, or other free prizes each time! The fifth stamp you collect will unlock limited edition Chun-Li Cat, only available during the Street Fighter V collaboration!

This incredible event will only be available for a short time, so don't miss out on the biggest brawl to ever hit The Battle Cats!

Since establishing the fighting game genre with 1987's Street Fighter and 1991's Street Fighter II, Capcom's Street Fighter series has been a staple across multiple platforms. The series has consistently evolved over three decades, selling countless copies and reaching new fans with each iteration of exciting head-to-head action, culminating in the most recent addition Street Fighter V: Championship Edition, released in 2020.

The game is also notable for its popularity in the eSports scene, featuring as the main event of exciting tournaments that gather pro gamers from around the globe in intense head-to-head competition. Beyond the realm of video games, a wide variety of media has also been produced for the Street Fighter IP, including feature films, anime series, and comics.

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