Naruto Shippuden Home Goods and Accessories Arrive at announces the arrival of 14 new items inspired by the popular T.V. Series Naruto Shippuden

Addison, IL - 01/19/2021 has officially announced 14 New Arrivals to their Naruto Home Goods and Accessories Collection. The release includes officially licensed merchandise from the popular T.V. series Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto Fans know there is symbolism everywhere. From the village emblems seen on each shinobi's headband to the hand seals that make up their Jutsu, symbolism is everything in Naruto. New arrivals feature key symbols and characters from the hit T.V. series, making it easy to feel like a battle-hardened warrior. is happy to announce two exclusive keychains from the manufacturer, Sales One Studios. The Naruto Shippuden Hidden Leaf Village Symbol Enamel Keychain and the Naruto Uzumaki With Ramen Bowl Enamel Keychain.

The Naruto Shippuden Hidden Leaf Village Symbol Enamel Keychain features the iconic emblem of the Hidden Leaf Village. The symbol is shown on Naruto Uzumaki's signature headband throughout the anime series. Perfect for latching onto a variety of items, this exclusive Naruto keychain looks excellent attached to your handbag, wallet, backpack, purse, and more. This keychain makes a fantastic gift for fans of all ages who love Naruto Shippuden.

Rep your favorite fandom with this officially licensed Naruto Uzumaki With Ramen Bowl Enamel Keychain. This cute keychain is the ultimate anime-style accessory to complete your look. The enamel charm features protagonist Naruto Uzumaki with an excited expression on his face while holding his favorite food, a delicious bowl of ramen noodles. Made of premium-quality material, the durable metal features a colored enamel inlay and a sturdy lobster claw clasp to keep it secure. A fun way to show off your anime obsession, this exclusive keyring holder makes a great addition to any collection. welcomes 12 colorful, fun, and high-quality Naruto Shippuden home goods and accessories from the manufacturer Just Funky. The new arrivals include curated collectors boxes, coffee mugs, and shaker bottles.

The Naruto Shippuden LookSee Collector's Box includes five unique collectibles designed for a hardened shinobi! Fans of the series can celebrate their love for this exciting ninja-epic with an entire collection of Naruto-themed collectibles! Keep warm with a soft fleece throw blanket while you sip from your Naruto heroes water bottler. Fans will also enjoy the included shot glass, air freshener, and Naruto keychain! This LookSee gift bundle is perfect for any Naruto fan looking to boost their collection.

The Naruto Shippuden Konoha Collectors Looksee Box is a fun mini-bundle that comes jam-packed with 5 Konoha-themed collectibles and accessories. Specially curated with fans in mind, this collectors bundle features designs inspired by Naruto Uzumaki and the Hidden Leaf Village. These items come packed in a fandom-inspired box, featuring orange clouds and the Japanese kanji for the Hidden Leaf Village.

The Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Red Rain Cloud Bamboo Chopsticks bears the red rain cloud the image of the Akatsuki, a shinobi group that exists apart from the regular system of hidden villages in Naruto. Serving as a significant source of criminals and villains, the Akatsuki prove to be a recurring antagonistic organization to Naruto and friends. Fans of the series who flock to the darker side of the shinobi tradition will love these chopsticks. Crafted from quality bamboo these Naruto-themed chopsticks feature a smooth, splinter-free, surface.

The Naruto Akatsuki Red Rain Cloud Hanging Car Air Freshener features the red rain cloud of the Akatsuki. The sweet and fresh vanilla smell will flood your car or home in the best way possible way as soon as you tear into this Naruto collectible air freshener. Ideal for any fan of the series, this collectible air freshener is a unique, subtle, and practical way to flaunt your fandom!

Unbox your love of Naruto's dark side with the Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Collector Looksee Box. This awesome 5-piece bundle comes jam-packed with Akatsuki-themed collectibles and accessories. All of these great curated items come packed in a fandom-inspired box, featuring red clouds and the Japanese kanji for the group's name — meaning "dawn." The Akatsuki-themed gift box is perfect for adding to your collectible display or using as a handy storage box.

The Naruto Shippuden Plastic Shaker Bottle features Naruto Uzumaki and the Hidden Leaf Village symbol on the cup. Sturdy and durable, this shaker bottle holds approximately 20 ounces of your favorite beverage. For a boost of battle-ready strength, add your favorite shake or fruit-infused drink to this fandom-themed shaker bottle. Easily blend all of your favorite ingredients with the included blender piece to whip up a nutritious beverage. Made of BPA-free plastic this bottle is perfect for everyday use around the house, gym, yoga class, and other sporty occasions.

The Naruto Shippuden Konohagakure Village Symbol & Cloud Shot Glass features one of the most widely recognized symbols in Naruto, this shot glass is designed to give you some shinobi inspiration with each shot you take. This durable shot glass holds up to 2 ounces of your preferred drink choice.

The Naruto Shippuden Series Collectible PVC Character Keychain features Naruto Uzumaki, the boisterous hero of the epic series Naruto Shippuden. Fans will instantly recognize his orange suit and yellow hair the moment they spot him on your keys! Designed to bring any aspiring shinobi inspiration, this quality keychain is designed with flexible PVC materials and comes equipped with an o-ring attachment and lobster claw clasp.

Start your day with the Naruto Shippuden Hidden Leaf Village Pewter Emblem Coffee Mug. The Hidden Leaf Village, also referred to as Konohagakure, is home to Naruto and his family and friends! Fans have become well acquainted with the Leaf Village emblem of the spiral leaf which can now be found on your new favorite coffee cup. Fashioned from quality ceramic, this Naruto mug is designed to hold up to 20 ounces of your preferred shinobi beverage. Enjoy the hottest of teas to the most refreshing glass of ice water.

Relive all your favorite Naruto episodes while cuddled up with this Naruto Shippuden Kakashi Hatake Sensei Large Throw Blanket! Crafted from 100% fleece polyester and measuring 60 x 45 inches, this Kakashi Hatake blanket is perfect for any collector. Show your passion for Naruto with this large and decorative Kakashi fleece blanket.

Designed to deliver a swift and powerful drink right when you need it the most, the Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Emblem Red Rain Cloud Shot Glass is crafted specifically for the shinobi who will do whatever it takes to have a great time! Hold up to 2 ounces of your preferred Justu-enhancing drinks in this decorative collectible.

Any budding young shinobi would leap at the opportunity to learn from the ultimate warriors in their clan. The Naruto Shippuden Hokage Heroes Large Plastic Water Bottle features 3 Hokages from the Naruto series Minato Namikaze, Tsunade Senju, and Kakashi Hatake. This Naruto Shippuden series water bottle carries the legacy of the Konohagakure shinobis leadership. Made from durable plastic, this 26-ounce water bottle features a pop-up spout and a screw-on lid. Stay hydrated and battle-ready with this awesome water bottle.

All Naruto Shippuden items from this collection are available for purchase at now.

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