Doukyuusei Coming West

TOKYO, JAPAN – February 26, 2021.

Shiravune is thrilled to announce today that translation for an international release of DOUKYUUSEI is now in progress, under the working title DOUKYUUSEI: Classmates.

This seminal classic of the dating-sim genre has delighted fans for decades. Today, an updated version entitled DOUKYUUSEI: Remake was released in Japan by FANZA GAMES, and soon it will be available for the first time ever to even more players around the world in English and Chinese—with all of the remake's quality-of-life updates and technical improvements.

DOUKYUUSEI was a formative game for me, and it's still my favorite game of this kind today,” said Yasuaki Matsuda, the director and producer of DOUKYUUSEI: Remake. “I am very honored to have been able to work on it in this way, and I hope that this version will be enjoyed by new and existing fans both in Japan and around the world.”
The international release of DOUKYUUSEI: Classmates is currently targeted for late 2021 as a Johren exclusive. Additional details, including final naming, pricing, and timing, will be announced later as they emerge.

Our hero has spent the first half of his summer engaging in meaningful, productive labor.
Now he's flush with cash. Time to go pick up chicks!
Hit on some outrageous babes, get to know 'em, and come together on a deeper level.
Summer's back. Back again!
This is a full remake of the 1992 PC game DOUKYUUSEI.

Remake Features
This version is based on the 1999 Windows re-release.

Updated Graphics
Every portrait and CG in the game has been re-drawn, with reference to the originals, by the artist Kohaku Sumeragi.
A number of the background characters have been re-drawn by other artists.
The map screen and other UI elements have also been refined to upgrade their resolution.

Systems & Modes
Easy Mode:
The default mode in this remake. You can see where the heroines are, and check their respective progress flags.
An all-new way to enjoy the game without spending hours staring bloody-eyed at strategy guides.
Classic Mode:
Play the game at the same level of difficulty as the earlier Windows version, without quality-of-life conveniences like the ability to see where everyone is and how they feel about you.
Regardless of which mode you choose, the updated systems and UI make for a smooth, accessible, and fun experience.
This version includes now-standard functionality such as CG & scene gallery modes and quick-saves.

About Shiravune
Shiravune is a Tokyo-based visual novel localization team dedicated to bringing Japanese games to a wider audience in English and Chinese. Shiravune's localization & publishing portfolio includes the samurai mystery Master Magistrate, the supernatural horror/romance Iwaihime, PC versions of the tactics-RPG visual novel Utawarerumono series and the hyperkinetic rush that is Marco & The Galaxy Dragon. Follow @shiravune on Twitter for the latest announcements.
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