Celebrate 60 Million Downloads for The Battle Cats with Special Events and Limited Godzilla Collaboration Campaign

PONOS Corporation's flagship tower defense title The Battle Cats celebrates 60 million downloads with a series of special events and a collaboration with the king of monsters, Godzilla! Both campaigns are available as of Monday, August 16th 2021 (11:00am), continuing until Monday, August 30th 2021 (11:00am).

During this event between August 16th (11:00am) and August 27th, 2021 (10:59am), all capsule sets will have the drop rate for the mightiest Uber Rare and Legend Rare Cat heroes doubled! Make your draw during this event and get even better chances for a top-tier ally to power up your Cat Army!

Players can then visit the Legend/Event Stages to take on the limited map 60M Celebration Gifts Galore! and earn Cat Tickets and other rewards on stage clear! Higher timed scores earn better rewards!

Plus, players can pick up an awesome reward each day between August 16th (11:00am) and September 6th (10:59am) just by visiting the Cat Base. Get bigger and better rewards the more stamps you collect! Login every day during the campaign to earn a maximum of 3 Rare Tickets and 3 Cat Tickets in total from daily rewards.

Plus, Treasure Festivals with hugely increased drop rates to help complete players' Treasure collection from each story mode chapter, and special areas to send the Gamatoto Expedition for big XP rewards. Even more special events will appear during this campaign, so check the in-app notices for the complete details!

Alongside the 60 Million Downloads campaign, Godzilla strikes in a limited-time collaboration event between Monday, August 16th 2021 (11:00am) and Monday, August 30th 2021 (11:00am).

The king of monsters rampages through the Cat Empire of The Battle Cats in a series of event-exclusive maps, including Merciless-difficulty stage Godzilla: Final Assault. Defeating this ultimate threat and earning a victory in the stage will earn players a Rare Ticket reward!

Or take on an easier challenge in the Godzilla vs Cats map, available from 7:00pm on the first day of the collaboration event. Clearing any stage in the map will offer players a chance to collect the limited-edition hero Godzilla Cat as a reward.

Don't miss out on this incredible crossover with the legendary king of kaiju, available for a short time only!


Since Godzilla's first appearance in 1954, the King of Monsters' name is known throughout the world! The first film in the series shattered box-office records, with over 9,610,000 tickets sold, leading to the production of over 30 more films seen by over 100 million cinemagoers around the world, including the recent series of Hollywood films. Sometimes appearing as an overwhelming threat, and sometimes as the savior of humankind, Godzilla's onscreen appearances always represent supreme entertainment, beloved by viewers both young and old, and men and women alike.


Based in Kyoto, Japan, PONOS Corporation has been producing games since 1990, committed to exceeding the expectations of players of all ages with creative, quirky concepts built upon solid gameplay foundations. PONOS is now focused on mobile app development and publishing, with flagship title The Battle Cats having gained over 60 million downloads worldwide.


Genre: Strategy/Tower Defense
OS Requirements: iOS 10.0, Android OS 4.4
Homepage: https://battlecats.club/en/series/battlecats/

Download URLs
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-battle-cats/id850057092
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.PONOS.battlecatsen

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