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Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. Releases New VTuber x Anime Project

VTuber Project by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. ALL “VERSEn” VTubers Collab for the first time!

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., Tokyo [December 1, 2021]: “VERSEn” is a VTuber project by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
The stories of the past, the present and the future of “VERSEn” will be created with the audience.
The mystery surrounding the reasons behind why these 5 girls became VTubers in the real world and their stories will be revealed and told in various media.
Just having had each of their livestream debut on November 19th with success,
“VERSEn” VTubers MARU NANAMONA, HITOSHIRO ITSUKI, KAGASE UNO, ALBA SELA, and KASHI OTOHA are announced to collaborate for the first time on December 3rd (Friday) at 8:00PM JST with special announcements from themselves.

Date: DEC.3, 2021 (Friday) 8:00PM JST
MARU NANAMONA https://youtu.be/eRWOffeIAXk
HITOSHIRO ITSUKI https://youtu.be/y5CrVbqNZC8
KAGASE UNO https://youtu.be/L1NIx-WOr7w
ALBA SELA https://youtu.be/GkrSepCRSO4
KASHI OTOHA https://youtu.be/X4LXy9cy-tI


Maru Nanamona
She is very caring and affectionate to her friends and enjoys to do things at her own pace. Shy with strangers, she likes to work at her own pace and has a unique sense of being, maybe too unique in a way that her friends can't keep up. She is always relaxed and unfazed by things happening around her but she is actually very smart in dealing with all situations and has extensive knowledge especially in languages.

Character Design:Akasaka Aka https://twitter.com/akasaka_aka
YouTube channel:https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCOg01LJmZF9UnwFbly73CVw
Twitter account:https://twitter.com/nanamona_mr
First live streaming session scheduled for:21:00 JST, Friday, November 19th, 2021

Hitoshiro Itsuki
Caring, reliable and incredibly hard working. Serious, hardworking, caring and a reliable presence in the group. She grew up in a strict background so she can be a bit stubborn at times. On the other hand, she is curious about many things and has the guts to challenge herself and the difficulties she faces.

Character Design:raemz / https://twitter.com/weee_desu
YouTube channel:https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCi3aT9cC6YyC0BnOpm2XBEw
Twitter account:https://twitter.com/itsuki_htsr

Kagase Uno
The mood-maker who leads the group with her bright presence. Happy, innocent and free minded. She has the tendency to get involved with other people's troubles, but she is always very sensitive about the situation she is getting into. She has her own set of policies and moral codes that she follows and is the mood-maker that leads the group.

Character Design:Shugao / https://twitter.com/haru_sugar02
YouTube channel:https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCLfAsY3iMUAF2vvDxvIjymQ
Twitter account:https://twitter.com/uno_kgs

Alba Sera
A singer that sings on with faith even in the loneliest times. She never gives up hope even in the loneliest and darkest times. She is strict with herself and does not like socializing. However she also has a sweet side and is very caring and affectionate for others. Even in lonely and sorrowful times, she never stops singing and expressing her emotions.

Character Designs:Kane / https://twitter.com/Kaneblob
YouTube channel:https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCvXsXmpMKthJuX8XHbsnOjQ
Twitter account:https://twitter.com/sera_alb

A singer that expresses emotions that everyone feels deep in their mind, emotions that can not be depicted in words. She often seems carefree and uninvolved, but she is actually a very thoughtful person. She grew up in a fulfilled environment with everything she needs, but somehow she had always felt awkward about her surroundings. This unanswered feeling led her to have questions towards what we understand as common sense and the general norm of society. She supports people that she cares about and fights against the world by singing out emotions that everyone has but cannot be depicted in words.

Character Design:popman3580 / https://twitter.com/popman3580
YouTube channel:https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCYcnLc0n1ryBDZeGWQTVJ_g
Twitter account:https://twitter.com/otoha_ks

The anime MV “VERSEn – Episode | Kusou” is the first contents of this project. The story begins in Rin's mind, the key character of this project, as she begins to see images of herself with other girls in various worlds and the visions of the collapsing world, which all leads to her feeling anxious. The astonishing visual quality of this anime MVs have been created by Yukiko Horiguchi, known as the chief animation director and for her character designs of “K-ON!” and “Lucky Star”, and maxilla, known for the opening movie of “Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia” and “DARLING in the FRANXX”. The mystery surrounding the reasons behind why these 5 girls became VTubers in the real world and their stories will be revealed and told in various media in the upcoming future.

■Title: “VERSEⁿ - Episodeⁿ | Kusou”
YouTube: https://youtu.be/5rJF2X6riBU
■Credit:Animation Director, Character Design:Yuki Kamiya (maxilla)
Character Design Supervisor, Chief Animation Designer: Yukiko Horiguchi
Producer: Shunsuke Hosoi (ENISHIYA), Daichi Tanaka (maxilla)
Animation Production: ENISHIYA
Production: maxilla

※Full credit information posted on YouTube description.

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