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Tokyo Girls' Style Release Long-awaited New Album 'Nocturnal' – Their First in Seven Years

Four-member girl group TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE have released their sixth album ‘Nocturnal’ – their first full-length release in seven years. The title refers to creatures that come alive at night, as well as night-blooming flowers, and the album has the theme of “thinking of someone on a sleepless night”. The group members were still elementary and junior high school students at the time of their debut, so this will be their first album they've made while in their twenties – and its nighttime theme is an indication that they have grown up.

Also, on August 3, the music video for new song ‘Corner Cut Memories’ premiered on YouTube. This dance number crosses genres from disco to funk to jazz, and was written by Umi Kinami, who also worked on TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE's recent single ‘Viva La Koigokoro’. The video shows the girls dancing in a nightclub, which carries a “save our space” subtext that has echoes the many music venue closures during the covid-19 pandemic. As the world continues to change at dizzying speed, ‘Corner Cut Memories’ is a positive song that reminds us of the fun times.

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE ‘Corner Cut Memories’ music video:

▶︎ TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE ‘Nocturnal’ album purchase links:

The members of TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE made the following comments:

Miyu Yamabe
“Our first album in seven years has finally been completed! It has the theme of ‘thinking of someone on a sleepless night’, and it is packed with cool and stylish sounds. I hope you will listen to the album and let the songs gently get close to you!”

Hitomi Arai
“For our first album in seven years, we put in everything we are right now, and sprinkled a little spice on top. I hope you will enjoy it with all your senses!”

Mei Shoji
“This is us in our twenties, releasing our first original album in about seven years. It's a danceable album that will introduce you to the new TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE!”

Yuri Nakae
“The theme of this album is ‘nighttime’. It's an album that will gently touch your emotions, and you can fully enjoy the charms of TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE as we are today. Please pick it up and take a listen!”

Be sure to check out the modern TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE.


Official website: https://tokyogirlsstyle.jp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TokyoGirlsStyle
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tokyogirlsstyle/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tokyogirlsstyle
YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/user/TokyoGirlsStyle

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