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From Capcom's Latest Game ‘Exoprimal’, Japanese Group Da-iCE Release Theme Song ‘Funky Jumping’

From CAPCOM's latest game ‘Exoprimal’, Japanese group Da-iCE release theme song ‘Funky Jumping’! Dance performance video also out now!

‘Funky Jumping’, the latest track from Japanese boyband Da-iCE, has been used as the theme tune to ‘Exoprimal’, the new team-based multiplayer game from world-class Japanese game developer CAPCOM. The words were written by Da-iCE member Sōta Hanamura, and inspired by the game's setting, the track boasts powerful singing, sharp lyrics and an edgy, danceable sound.

In response to calls from fans on social media requesting a chance to see the song performed, Da-iCE have also released a “dance practice” video for ‘Funky Jumping’. While the video was put together quickly so as not to keep their fans waiting, it features incredible choreography by KAZtheFIRE. The video began causing a stir online ahead of its release, when it was announced that the dance routine would represent “the highest calorie consumption in Da-iCE history”.

When the video was finally released, fans noted the complexity of the dance routine, with comments such as “It's the ultimate in cool”, “I'm especially impressed by how they make it look so easy!”, “The formation is as complex as you'd hope” and “They perform Kaz's intense choreography in such a passionate, cool and expressive way”.

KAZtheFIRE commented, “The dance routine for ‘Funky Jumping’ was created with the concept of presenting a group of powerful, energetic but playful young men. I was also conscious to add a little bit of sex appeal, to show a new side of Da-iCE! I hope you will pay attention to the finer details of the dance routine, while enjoying a slightly different take on Da-iCE! Funky Jumping!!!”

Watch carefully, and maybe you can take on KAZtheFIRE's challenge with your own version of this awesome new dance!

About Da-iCE Da-iCE are a five-piece boyband with twin vocalists who boast an impressive four-octave singing range. The group was formed on January 17, 2011 by vocalists Yudai Ohno and Sota Hanamura, and performers Taiki Kudō, Toru Iwaoka and Hayate Wada. The group put out a new release each month for six consecutive months from August 26, 2020, starting with anime series ‘ONE PIECE’ theme song ‘DREAMIN’ ON', and followed by the album ‘SiX’ in January 2021. ‘CITRUS’, which was the theme song for the Nippon TV Sunday drama series ‘The Way of the Househusband’, has surpassed 350 million total plays online, winning an award at the prestigious 63rd Japan Record Awards. Their song ‘Star Mine’ set TikTok ablaze upon its release in August 2022, generating over 500 million views.

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