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Monster Girl Doctor
Episode 8

by Grant Jones,

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Monster Girl Doctor ?
Community score: 4.4

The thunderous approach of the giant god continues. The harpies in the village are concerned as not all can fly or get away in time. Tisalia steps up and remains calm, sending Illy off to notify Skadi of what is happening. She also marshals everyone to prepare for an orderly evacuation. Glenn and Sapphentite help tend to the injured and sick to get them ready to leave. They notice that Tisalia is strangely absent, and it turns out that she has headed off to face the giant god alone to buy everyone else time. Sapphentite and Glenn intercept her and say that they are coming along as well.

It turns out that the giant god is actually a giant goddess. Furthermore, the goddess is not here to terrorize anyone because after a giant booger-blasting sneeze she reveals that she is sick and heard there was a doctor around. The entire village pitches in to help her, building a scaffold for Dr. Glenn to give her a checkup, pitching in thread for Arahnia to help make her warm clothes, and more. Everything goes well and – bar a brief moment where Glenn falls into the giant's cleavage and wonders if he will suffocate – the danger has passed and the day is saved.

Returning to the capital Lindworm, Tisalia and Dr. Glenn go out on a date. They have a polite talk and Glenn is very complimentary of how brave and in command she was. Before she can enjoy his affections too much we find Sapphentite is spying on them from a nearby column. Sapphentite says that she deeply respects Tisalia, and that is part of why she cannot let her have any alone time with Dr. Glenn. Their rivalry continues, albeit with less edge than before.

The following day they go to meet Skadi to help oversee preparations for a celebration ceremony. Arahnia is making clothes, Kunai is there as bodyguard, Illy has been employed by Tisalia, and Lulala is performing with her fellow mermaids. Even Skadi expresses her pleasure at how Glenn has handling everything thus far. Skadi goes up to a raised platform to tell the people of Lindworm that the city is named after a dragon not because she wanted to be a conqueror, but because she wanted to invoke the favor of her progenitor. This city of humans and monsters living together needs protection. Shortly after saying this she stumbles and falls to the ground, shocking everyone just as we roll credits.

Color me surprised, but what a pleasant episode this was. In some ways there was nothing remarkable about it – direction was fine, animation was fine, voice performances were fine. There were no grand moments to write home about or egregious elements to make note of. It felt like a setup episode for what is going to be happening in the final few episodes of the season.

But in other ways I found this surprisingly enjoyable. First off, this week's The Scene™ was rather tame – Glenn fell into the byoinging cleavage of a giantess. But She pulled him out and set him down and, given that he was up on a giant rickety scaffolding thing it was not such a bizarre scenario that it defied belief (not to mention that after many happy years of marriage I have seen my wife drop innumerable items down her shirt on accident, though of course none of them were tiny medical professionals). It felt suitably fan servicey (“ah to be suffocated in the cleavage of a giantess”) while not having any weird consent issues or anything, and not exactly dwelling on it either. It happens and we move on.

Furthermore, I just liked how nice everyone was to Dione. I know that's an odd thing to say but seeing everyone pitch in to help her – even Arahnia being overjoyed at the chance to make her an outfit – was really nice. The whole village making her brand new clothes so she wouldn't be sick any more was comfort food for my weary soul. It's amazing what twenty minutes of seeing people work together and be kind to one another can do for you.

I also appreciate that the show is laying the ground work for the next few episodes with regards to Skadi. Clearly she was going to be an important player at some point, and we got to hear her speak out loud for the first time as well as see her golden tail situation, whatever that is about. I am sure there will be dramatic mysteries to unravel in the next few episodes, but it is nice that it is not coming out of left field.

All in all, it was nice seeing anime characters be nice to each other. I don't know how else to put it.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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