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Episode 11

by Richard Eisenbeis,

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Sand Land: The Series (ONA) ?
Community score: 4.4

I mentioned last week how Bred, based on what we've seen of him and his past, likely sees himself as a hero—a person willing to do whatever it takes to keep his people safe from threats both foreign and domestic. The problem is, in doing so he allied himself with a narcissist that doesn't see any issue with using the Sand Land equivalent of nuclear weapons on their own territory.

Through Bred facial expressions in this episode, it is pretty clear he doesn't approve of what Muniel is doing. However, as Muniel has kept succeeding, it's hard to oppose him. After all, at this point, who would the soldiers follow, their general or their “hero”? He's likely not eager to find out.

Luckily, having the overconfident (and highly inept) Muniel in charge is exactly what gives our heroes the opening they need for a counterattack. In what is the best action scene of the second arc so far, Rao comes up with the idea of dropping his tank into the flying fortress while the rest of their hastily recruited army attack as a distraction. And when things go wrong (as they inevitably do), his quick thinking accomplishes the mission.

What's great about this scene is that, on a character level, it once again reminds us of how tight a friendship Rao, Bezebub, and Thief have. I mean, Rao literally tells them to drive into a giant pit—one with a freaking dragon at the bottom of it and they do so. Even Ann, the newest member of the group doesn't object.

This whole episode is a showcase of the trust the entire cast has for Rao—as a friend, general, or former enemy. This is the kind of trust that Bred and Muniel do not have. And, in the end, it'll likely be their undoing.


Random Thoughts:

• It didn't occur to me that Beezelbub might have thought his father and sister were dead. Maybe it's the fact that, as I have seen Dragon Ball, I have a decent understanding of how such jars work.

• I legitimately got choked up when Rao put his wife's picture up in the tank again. He's doing all this for her—so that no one will ever die like she did again.

• Ann has had a bit of a rough time after being outed as a demon. Being surrounded by those who know and accept her—along with those who just see her as the skilled mechanic she is—has got to be great for her morale.

• “The living legend is a legend once more.”

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