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Special ANN Programming Track at Waku Waku +NYC

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Panels include Anime News Network and Anime Journalism, Who is the Real Osamu Tezuka, Introduction to Anime & Manga Studies, Anime: From the Creator's Mind to Your Screen and Anime that Time Forgot.

Anime News Network has arranged a special programming track at this year's inaugural Waku Waku +NYC in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday August 29 and Sunday August 30.

Anime News Network and Anime Journalism
Christopher Macdonald & Mike Toole
Saturday 11:00am - 12:00pm
Wythe Hotel Panel Room

Join Christopher Macdonald, CEO, Publisher and former long-time editor-in-chief of Anime News Network, and Mike Toole a writer for Anime News Network, Otaku USA, Animerica Magazine, Anime Insider, and more, for a look at how Anime News Network and other anime websites and magazines survive and even thrive by publishing news about anime and manga. What's it like earning a living writing about Japanese cartoons and comics, how you can get a job doing it, and what are the strangest things we've experienced... All things we'll cover.

Who is the real Osamu Tezuka, 'God of Manga & Anime'?
Roland Kelts
Saturday 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Wythe Hotel Conference Room

In this intimate presentation, Roland Kelts, author of Japanamerica, contributing writer for The New Yorker and columnist for The Japan Times, introduces the tremendously influential and genre-defining works of manga master Osamu Tezuka, best known for his works Astro Boy and Black Jack. Still called "the God of Manga," Tezuka's massive oeuvre continues to be popular worldwide as new translations proliferate. What influenced Tezuka to create these seminal works, and why are they so influential? Kelts engages with longtime fans and novices to answer questions and explore the manga master's legendary works in a fresh new context.

Introduction to Anime & Manga Studies
Mikhail Koulikov, Shige (CJ) Suzuki & Kathryn Hemmann
Sunday 11:30am - 12:30
Wythe Hotel Conference Room

Anime and manga studies is a vibrant emerging academic field. It's also a great way to get away with watching Attack on Titan in a college class, writing a graduate school paper on feminism, consent, and rape culture in Kill la Kill, or publishing an article on fan politics in the anime music video community. Join members of the Anime and Manga Research Circle for an in-depth look at what we mean by "anime and manga studies", how we got started, what we do as anime/manga scholars - and how you can become an anime scholar yourself, or simply a more knowledgeable enthusiast.

Anime: From the Creator's Mind to Your Screen
Christopher Macdonald
Sunday 4:00pm - 5pm
Wythe Hotel Conference Room

The A to Z about how anime is produced, and delivered to the consumer. From the original concept and financing, through pre-production and animation to TV deals and overseas licensing. A lot more goes into anime production than most people realize, and sometimes things can go horribly wrong.

Anime that Time Forgot
Mike Toole
Sunday 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Wythe Hotel Conference Room

Think about all of the Japanese animation ever made - millions of minutes, thousands of hours and episodes and tapes and DVDs. But not all anime made it to home video intact; some stuff was, quite simply, lost before home video was a thing. Other stuff hit the airwaves, but never made the hop to commercial video or export. Others hit home video in Japan, but didn't endure into the digital age. Still others were never really meant for public consumption to begin with. Join host Mike Toole for a look at some of the hardest to find Japanese animation out there!

For more information about the event, visit the official Waku Waku +NYC website at wakuwakunyc.com.

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