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7 Love-Crazed Characters

by Lynzee Loveridge,

Just in time for Valentine's Day weekend, this week we're counting down characters who are more in love with the thrill of the chase than an actual relationship.

7. Makoto Kino (Sailor Moon) Makoto is always eyeing the next cute boy. Ever since an upperclassman broke her 14-year-old heart, she's been oggling (with pal Minako) any cute guy she comes across. In the live-action version, Makoto finally catches a break with Motoki Furuhata.

6. Brock (Pokemon) While Brock is the eldest of Ash's original traveling group, he loses his cool when confronted with a cute girl. Each town's respective Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy has probably had her hands held by Brock while being asked on a date. His success rate is sadly still zero.

5. Tatewaki Kuno (Ranma 1/2) Rich and insufferably slow, Kuno is desperately, hopeless in love with female Ranma ("pigtailed girl") and Akane Tendo. His ridiculous, unsubstantiated ego allows him to reconcile his split devotions because he's sure both girls love him so much. He's either wantonly in denial or honestly oblivious that Ranma switches between sexes, despite having witnessed it himself.

4. Ataru (Urusei Yatsura) Ataru will never give up the chance to get a cute girl's digits, although he rarely succeeds. He also happens to have a steady girlfriend and an alien princess fiance waiting on the sidelines for whenever he's not leching after a random passerby. He's dedicated to his past-time though, regardless of how often Lum throws a shock or two his way.

3. Allielle (El Hazard - The Magnificent World) Allielle and her lover Fatora have more liberal understandings of monogamy. Allielle's motto is "If you're not with the one you love, love the one you're with," and pursues Nanami and Shayla-Shayla while traveling with the group along with any other single woman she comes across. When she's finally reunited with Fatora, the couple continue pursuing other women together.

2. Oreldo (Pumpkin Scissors) What Oreldo lacks in height, he makes up for in charm. Oreldo will go out of his way to woo, fix, or otherwise lend a hand to his latest love interest. In one episode he helps a night worker overcome her grief for a deceased boyfriend, while in another he plays the part of an abusive boyfriend just get a girl's drug-addled dad to come out of his stupor

1. Ryo Saeba (City Hunter) Ryo Saeba trademarked "chivalrous pervert." The handsome private detective is always up to his eyeballs in requests and buxom women. Besides investigating, his secondary motivation is "mokkori chance," or basically the opportunity to get down with one of his clients. Or a random girl on the street. His heart is really already taken by his female partner, and only weakness - Kaori.

The new poll: Which of these wrestlers would win in the ring?

The old poll: The last poll asked which robot side-kick is your favorite? Here's the full results (anything under 1% was omitted):

  1. Tachikomas (GitS: SAC) 28.3%
  2. TV Set (FLCL) 19.7%
  3. Haro (Gundam series) 15.5%
  4. QT (Space Dandy) 15.0%
  5. Doraemon (Doraemon) 8.5%
  6. Masha (Tokyo Mew Mew) 5.2%
  7. Arale-chan (Dr. Slump) 5.0%
  8. Gill (Dragonball GT) 2.5%

When she isn't compiling lists of tropes, topics, and characters, Lynzee works as Associate Editor for Anime News Network, blogs about women and LBGT topics in anime and manga on her blog Engendered Dilemma, and posts pictures of her son on Twitter @ANN_Lynzee.

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