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KILL la KILL Powers Up in Massively Updated Collaboration with GRAND SUMMONERS

by Good Smile Company (Paid Advertisement),
GRAND SUMMONERS surprises again in its massively updated collaboration with the popular anime series KILL la KILL.

KILL la KILL Crossover Highlights

Everyone joining GRAND SUMMONERS gets a chance to win ★5 Limited KILL la KILL units for FREE every day during the month-long crossover! Highlights include:

-Get summon tickets for powered-up ★5 KILL la KILL units every day!
-Summon Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin and Mako Mankanshoku all fully voiced by the original cast!
-Upgrade KILL la KILL crossover characters' LUCK!
-KILL la KILL inspired Equipment Summons and an epic story event to relive favorite moments from the anime series!
-Play the event quests to earn KILL la KILL chat stickers and rewards!

The ultimate heroes Ryuko, Satsuki and Mako can be summoned, as well as KILL la KILL-inspired equipment, including the adorable Guts! Additionally, players can earn adorable chat stickers and rare items by playing the original KILL la KILL story event!

Join KILL la KILL's Crossover Giveaway!

During the month-long crossover, players can join KILL la KILL's GiveLab Crossover Giveaway by visiting Grand Summoners' social media pages!

Enter via GiveLab and complete missions to make multiple entries towards amazing prizes! KILL la KILL's Giveaway will last until June 3rd so don't miss out and make sure to visit Grand Summoners' social media pages for details!

Grand Summoners is an epic Anime RPG with heated, real-time RPG battles -- all in cutting-edge pixel art graphics!

Quest in multiplayer where 4 players work together to defeat bosses. The Arena features PvP content where players face-off using their best units and equipment. Players can also team up and compete in 12-player Raids for valuable rewards!

Top 10 Tips for Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners' single-player content is just as memorable, featuring an epic Main Story mode spanning over 50-plus hours of gameplay, with new events added weekly. Players can earn over 1,000 Crystals by completing all the single-playermissions combined!

Main Story Digest

Summon for FREE KILL la KILL characters every day!

Players get a daily chance to summon 5-star Ryuko, Satsuki and Mako for free for the entire crossover! Play every day to complete your KILL la KILL team!

Anime-Inspired High Quality Unit Artwork:

Illustrations and pixel animation that look like they're straight from the Anime series bring the KILL la KILL characters to life!

Upgrade KILL la KILL characters' LUCK!

For the first time ever in Grand Summoners, all three crossover units can be upgraded to 120 LUCK! Farm KILL la KILL's advanced quests to collect rare gems that can MAX their LUCK to 120!

With this massive update, players can now customize their KILL la KILL heroes by allocating their LUCK points to various stats, boosting their Attack, Defense and even adding a second crest to Ryuko, Satsuki and Mako!

Crossover characters -- like KILL la KILL Units -- have a special advantage of being upgradable to 120 LUCK! Having more LUCK will earn more rare item drops during quests so you can get more out of every battle!

Free KILL la KILL-inspired equipment

Get limited-time KILL la KILL-inspired equipment items for Ryuko, Satsuki and Mako! The following equips can be acquired by playing the exclusive Crossover Event.

Farmable KILL la KILL Event Equipment:

-Senkestu (Defense ★5)
-Junketsu (Defense ★5)
-Spiked Bat Missile (Physical ★5)
-Mako-Knuckle (Physical ★4)

Unleash Ryuko, Satsuki and Mako's power with signature KILL la KILL equips!

KILL la KILL fans can unlock crossover units' true powers by summoning equipment, inspired by fan-favorite key items from the Anime series!

Limited KILL la KILL Equipment:

-Scissor Blade (Physical ★5)
-Snippity-Snips (Physical ★5)
-Bakuzan (Support ★5)
-Guts (Support ★5)
-Nudist Beach Battle Uniform (Heal ★4)
-Ryuko's Bomber Jacket (Heal ★5)
-Fight Club Goku Uniform (Support ★5)

Talk with friends using KILL la KILL Chat Stickers!

Talk with friends using chibi-style illustrated KILL la KILL chat stickers! Complete the collection of key Anime moments in chat sticker form!

Crossover Fully Voiced by KILL la KILL's Original Cast:

The KILL la KILL crossover features voiceovers from the original cast! Collect all three crossover units to hear their iconic anime catchphrases in Japanese!

Ryuko Matoi, voiced by Ami Koshimizu

Satsuki Kiryuin, voiced by Ryoka Yuzuki

Mako Mankanshoku, voiced by Aya Suzaki

Experience the RPG action you crave and don't miss the epic Hatsune Miku crossover. Play GRAND SUMMONERS on ​iOS​ and ​Android​ today. Visit ​our website for more and follow us on: ​Facebook​, ​Twitter​, ​Instagram​ and ​Youtube​.

Grand Summoners Documentary

©TRIGGER,Kazuki Nakashima/Kill la Kill Partnership
©GOOD SMILE COMPANY, INC. / NextNinja Co., Ltd.

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