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Anime Spotlight - Flowers of Evil

by Justin Sevakis,
April, 2013 (Japanese Broadcast)


Takao Kasuga was a young boy engrossed in the works of Baudelaire.

Driven by irresistible impulses, he laid hands upon the gym uniform of Nanako Saeki, the girl he secretly had a crush on. But that act dramatically shook his fate, at the hands of Sawa Nakamura, the girl who caught him in the act…

Where will such building passions unique to youth lead in their small, insular town?

This is a tale everyone has or will experience in their lives, a forbidden tale of youth recorded in the valley between anguish and joy.


Note: The producer of this show has decided not to release any character artwork until after the show premieres.
Takao Kasuga
VA: Shinichirō Ueda
Takao is a middle school sophomore who loves literature and is engrossed with Baudelaire. He believed that literature was supreme and drunk with the thought of placing himself in that world. But his peaceful was nearly shattered when Nakamura witnessed him stealing Saeki's gym uniform. But even as he's toyed with by her actions, he starts to feel a strange sort of sympathy towards her.
Sawa Nakamura
VA: Mariya Ise
“You damn worm!” she spits out at her own teacher. The world seen in her eyes is one entirely filled with trash and filth. She's isolated from her classmates, and has no one she can call a friend. When she witness Kasuga stealing the gym uniform, she felt that he carried the same darkness in his heart, and believed that he might be the one help her reach the other side and see a different world.
Nanako Saeki
VA: Yōko Hikasa
The girl Kasuga secretly has a crush on. She's popular, beautiful, and an excellent student. The real truth is that she's just pretending to be the “good girl” others expect her to be, and she's nearly lost sight of who she really is. Then when she learns the truth behind the theft of her gym uniform without learning of the relationship between Kasuga and Nakamura, she feels herself drawn to Kasuga, who was the first to find merit in her.


Takao Kasuga
Shinichirō Ueda
Sawa Nakamura
Mariya Ise
Nanako Saeki
Yōko Hikasa
Katsutoshi Matsuzaki
(Yasashii Ame)
Shinya Hamazoe
Ayako Uemura
Sayuri Hara


Original Creator
Shūzō Oshimi
(Kodansha Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine Publishing)
Hiroshi Nagahama
Assistant Director
Tetsuo Hirakawa
Series Composition
Aki Itami
Character Design
Hidekazu Shimamura
Art Director
Kentarō Akiyama
Color Design
Hiroko Umezaki
Director of Photography
Yoshihisa Oyama
Animation Director
Kanako Satō
Daisuke Hiraki
Live Film Production
Sound Director
Kazuya Tanaka
Hideyuki Fukasawa
Music Production
Starchild Records
Animation Production

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