Anime Spotlight - AKB0048 next stage

by Justin Sevakis,

January, 2013 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Chief Director / Original creator - Shoji Kawamori
    (Macross Frontier, Aquarion, Basquash!)
Director - Yoshimasa Hiraike
    (Solty Rei, Wagnaria!!)
Series Composition / Script - Mari Okada
    (Black Butler, Toradora!)
Character Design - Risa Ebata
    (Macross Frontier, Gravion)
Animation Production


What is AKB0048?

AKB0048 is a series created by Shoji Kawamori and other top names in the anime industry. The animation is done by Studio Satelight and makes use of the latest developments in animation technology to create high quality original animation.

Shoji Kawamori has gained support from anime and movie fans all over the world based on his work in the Macross and Transformers series. AKB0048 is Shoji's latest project, incorporating the world of music and idols into his work to create a new hit that he is bringing to the fans with confidence.

The lovely girls of the series will be directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike, with character designs by Risa Ebata who is known for her work in Macross Frontier. The series composition is done by popular scriptwriter Mari Okada, the same name behind many popular series including ' Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai'. Join this amazing group of staff members on a journey that will bring a whole new meaning to the term 'idol'!


In an era when entertainment has become illegal, a group of idols performs hidden concerts despite knowing the danger. These idols are known as AKB0048.

Before the world fell into ruin, the legendary idol group AKB48 continued to shine and bring their music to the fans. This is the story of a group of idols who have succeeded the name of AKB48 and become an interplanetary idol team who will carry on the legend of the original members.



Yuka Ichijo
VA: Amina Sato
  • Age: 14
  • Birthday: April 7th, 0034 Star Era
  • Height: 147.5cm
  • Favorite Foods: Isobe-age (nori-wrapped fried fish), satsuma-age (fried fishcakes), hanpen (pounded fish-cakes), and other boiled fish products.
  • "Everyone's happy cheerleader!"

Yuka is one of the 77th generation understudies. She states her mind clearly and she has a bit of a short temper, but she's also kind. She always carries a big bag with her, filled all kinds of things. She's childhood friends with Orine and Nagisa, and she often pulls them into action.

Kanata Shinonome
VA: Haruka Ishida
  • Age : 15
  • Birthday : October 17th, 0032 Star Era
  • Height : 157cm
  • Favorite Food : food you can crunch on like celery, and Monjayaki, (a dish similar to okonomiyaki).
  • "Calm, Precise and Bold"

She's one of the 75th generation understudies, and she's hardworking and diligent, if a bit stubborn. She's best friends with Mimori from the same generation, and she's able to share her honest feelings with her. Sonata is her little sister, whom she finds annoying. They often get into sibling quarrels.

Nagisa Motomiya
VA: Karen Iwata
  • Age : 13
  • Birthday : January 24th, 0035 Star Era
  • Height : 156cm
  • Favorite Food : Tomatoes, and everything her mother makes
  • "Even if I trip, I'll deliver happiness to you!"

Nagisa is one of the 77th generation understudies, and while she's a bit off, she has a true admiration for 0048. She often gets scolded by Yuka for being too relaxed. She's not that great at singing, but she's been getting better since joining the understudies.

Sonata Shinonome
VA: Kumi Yagami
  • Age : 10
  • Birthday : Birthday: July 7th, 0037 Star Era
  • Height : 143cm
  • Favorite Food : Meatballs, meat spaghetti, and 2L of soy milk a day!
  • "I'm going to stand at the top! Yay!"

Sonata is the youngest member of the 77th generation understudies, and though she's also the shortest, she's very athletic… and a bit of a rational airhead. She gives people strange nicknames, but doesn't always stick to them. Kanata is her older sister, whom she loves very much.

Makoto Yokomizo
VA: Mao Mita
  • Age : 16
  • Birthday : June 30th, 0031 Star Era
  • Blood Type : A
  • Height : 155cm
  • Favorite Food : Hamburger, cake, shrimp
  • "Negative Dash! I'll show you the truth of Makoto!"

She's one of the 77th generation understudies, and she's also a timid scardey-cat. She's the type who worries about crashing when getting on a plane. She loves 0048, but feels that being a member is beyond her reach. She also worries about her lack of style, and wishes that her body would develop like a woman's should.

Chieri Sono
VA: Mayu Watanabe
  • Age : 13
  • Birthday : December 8th, 0034 Star Era
  • Height : 161cm
  • Favorite Food : Chocolate bars, Russian tea
  • "Give shape to dreams, and light to song."

She's one of the 77th generation understudies, and though she's usually calm, she can be strict with others. Her seriousness and dedication towards 0048 far surpass her peers'. She's also the daughter of a wealthy businessman. She admired 0048 as a child, and carries a great dream she won't tell others about.

Suzuko Kanzaki
VA: Sawako Hata
  • Age : 14
  • Birthday : August 6th, 0033 Star Era
  • Height : 157cm
  • Favorite Food : Potato Chips (which she eats with chopsticks)
  • "My love for AKB won't lose to anyone."

She's one of the 77th generation understudies, and she's usually a quiet girl with glasses, but she's also an idol otaku who posses a vast store of knowledge about 0048 and its history, and provides explanations about them. She treasures the autograph she received from a certain someone.

Orine Aida
VA: Sayaka Nakaya
  • Age : 13
  • Birthday : September 21st, 0034 Star Era
  • Height : 153cm
  • Favorite Food : boiled tofu, scallops
  • "If you don't mind, could you ___ with me?"

She's one of the 77th generation understudies, and has a gentle demeanor. She's often seen following behind Nagisa and Yuka. She has a surprising love of tinkering with machines, and she's good at it. She's a bit quick to blush, and gestures more when she's nervous. She's also a big eater.

Mimori Kishida
VA: Sumire Sato
  • Age : 17
  • Birthday : January 2nd, 0031 Star Era
  • Height : 162cm
  • Favorite Food : Cherries that aren't from Japan.
  • "Am I giving off pheromones?"

She's one of the 75th generation understudies, and she's one of the sexier girls with a tall, well-proportioned body she takes pride in. For some reason she tends to end her sentences with a sweet, drawn out vowel, but apparently it's not done on purpose. She also makes sexy poses often for some reason.


Yuko Oshima the 9th
VA: Akemi Kanda
Her fast dance with large steps is her specialty. She's open with everyone, and very friendly. In battle she moves as dynamic and nimble as a squirrel. She tends to get a little sexual when interacting with the other members, but it's just her way of sharing some friendly skinship.

Sayaka Akimoto the 10th
VA: Ayako Kawasumi
She's very beautiful, but not very feminine. That said, she's not crude either. She may be an idol, but she's more of an athlete with well-toned abs. It would be one thing if she just trained herself, but she tries to train the other members too. Seeing her fist raised in a victory pose suits her very well.

Tomomi Itano the 11th
VA: Kana Ueda
She's a small, cute girl, and has the best fashion sense. Her lips are her charm point. She's the object of adoration for girls everywhere, and she's popular amongst kids, adults, and all ages. She doesn't speak a lot, so she seems cold at first, but she's actually quite friendly and gets along well with her junior members.

Sae Miyazawa the 10th
VA: Mai Nakahara
She's a sporty girl, and she's often together with Sayaka. She often joins the combat team, and tends to see more combat than concerts. Her short hair and boyish style make her very popular with female fans. She's also very caring and loved by the understudies.

Haruna Kojima the 8th
VA: Mamiko Noto
She's the most girlish member of the successors, always taking great care with her dress and skincare. She's a bit dull and plays dumb at times, but she comes through when it counts. She's a little pigeon toed, and her behavior is very feminine.

Atsuko Maeda the 13th
VA: Miyuki Sawashiro
She used to be a little bit clumsy, but her training as an idol at the center refined her movements. She always goes at her own pace, and it's hard to read her actions. She's capable of making the bioluminescent Kirara shine with dazzling light.

Minami Takahashi the 5th
VA: Ryoko Shiraishi
She's the captain of AKB0048. She's a well-trusted leader who gives precise directions both in combat and on stage. She works the hardest of all in order to keep up with the other members, but she's usually a bit of a scatterbrain, so she often slips up when talking and gets teased by the others.

Yuki Kashiwagi the 6th
VA: Yui Horie
Her goal is to be an idol for life, and she really loves idols. The way she interacts with her fans is almost divine. She used to be a shy and slow person, but amongst the other members, she's like an older sister and has a gentle demeanor.

Mayu Watanabe the 3rd
VA: Yukari Tamura
She puts on a very charming idol-smile in front of cameras and her fans, but she usually has a poker face on and sounds disinterested when she's dealing with the other members and those in the dorm. Occasionally she says some suggestive things, but their true meaning is unclear.


VA: Yumi Kakazu
Stage Manager & Producer. She's in the position of giving orders to both the AKB0048 Succesors and the Understudies. She's calm, cool, collected, and a reliable commander. She's also a mysterious woman with a past she doesn't speak of.

VA: Daisuke Ono
He's AKB0048's dance instructor. He's both nice and strict at times. There's a strong bond of trust between him and Tsubasa, and the two of them are both friends who often consult each other for advice.

Megumi Wanibuchi
VA: Momoka Kinoshita
She's one of the 76th generation understudies. She was close friends with her peer, Youko, who succeeded the name of Sae Miyazawa, becoming the 10th Sae Miyazawa.

Hazuki Yanagawa
VA: Miyu Takeuchi
She's one of the 76th generation understudies. She's strong willed, but also very caring.

VA: Haruka Ishida
He's one of Yuka's male friends. At first he was against idols, but now he's a WOTA who follows Suzuko.

VA: Airi Furukawa
She's one of the WOTA living in Lancaster. She's always together with Mamoru.

Mikako Minamino
VA: Sachiko Kojima
She's a camerawoman who works at the Atami Star, the holy ground for gravure shoots. She was originally the 5th Successor to Minami Minegishi, and one of the Center Nova members, whose truth Tsubasa seeks?!


Yuka Ichijo
Amina Sato
Kanata Shinonome
Haruka Ishida
Nagisa Motomiya
Karen Iwata
Sonata Shinonome
Kumi Yagami
Makoto Yokomizo
Mao Mita
Chieri Sono
Mayu Watanabe
Suzuko Kanzaki
Sawako Hata
Orine Aida
Sayaka Nakaya
Mimori Kishida
Sumire Sato
Yuko Oshima the 9th
Akemi Kanda
Sayaka Akimoto the 10th
Ayako Kawasumi
Tomomi Itano the 11th
Kana Ueda
Sae Miyazawa the 10th
Mai Nakahara
Haruna Kojima the 8th
Mamiko Noto
Atsuko Maeda the 13th
Miyuki Sawashiro
Minami Takahashi the 5th
Ryoko Shiraishi
Yuki Kashiwagi the 6th
Yui Horie
Mayu Watanabe the 3rd
Yukari Tamura
Yumi Kakazu
Daisuke Ono
Megumi Wanibuchi
Momoka Kinoshita
Hazuki Yanagawa
Miyu Takeuchi
Haruka Ishida
Airi Furukawa
Mikako Minamino
Sachiko Kojima


Yasushi Akimoto
Chief Director
Original creator
Shoji Kawamori
Executive Producer
Toshimichi Otsuki
Yoshimasa Hiraike
Series Composition
Mari Okada
Character Design
Risa Ebata
Chief Animation Director
Hideki Inoue
Ikuko Ito
Mariko Ito
Mechanical Design
Stanislas Brunet
Art Design
Thomas Romain
Yann Le Gall
Color Design
Nanae Shinaji
Sound Director
Jin Aketagawa
Hiroshi Takagi
Slavomir Stanislaw Kowalewski
Sound Effect Production
Magic Capsule
Kentaro Tsubone (REAL-T)
Animation Production

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