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Anime Spotlight Spring - keroro

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins March 22, 2014 (JST)


Keroro! A brand-new campaign to invade Pekopon begins!!

This year, the original manga of SGT. FROG meets its 15th year anniversary! And so begins a new flash animation project!

Now SGT. FROG has grown into a 1.5 generation character that parents and children nationwide enjoy, so with a new character design, and new title “Keroro”, a brand-new invasion begins!

Look forward to the new incarnation of Keroro!


Sergeant Keroro, who is ”58th Planet of the Gamma Planetary System, Space Invasion Army Special Tactics Platoon Leader,” infiltrates the Hinata family's home as a preparatory stage to conquer Earth, but is easily captured by Fuyuki and Natsumi due to his inherent incompetence. Keroro ends up staying in the home of the Hinata family thanks to Fuyuki's generosity, or perhaps simply out of his curiosity. As they pass the days Keroro and his four subordinates (or creatures?) together plot to conquer Earth, or maybe not.


Sergeant Keroro
VA:Kumiko Watanabe

Platoon Leader Keroro tends to forget his mission to conquer Earth and is not fully trusted by his platoon members.

Fuyuki Hinata
VA: Houko Kuwashima

A boy who loves occult and manga. He becomes friends with Sergeant Keroro.

Natsumi Hinata
VA:Chiwa Saito

The powerful older sister of Fuyuki who excels in sports.

Private Tamama
VA: Etsuko Kozakura

Contrary to his cute looks, his split personality makes him turns into a scary maniac at the drop of a hat. For some reason, he shows respect for Keroro.

Corporal Giroro
VA: Jouji Nakata

A soldier determined to accomplish his mission and also a combat expert. Has a little crush on Natsumi.

First Sergeant Kururu
VA:Takehito Koyasu

Always plotting something. The staff of radio wave-related operations. Causes trouble for Natsumi and others with his weird inventions.

Lance Corporal Dororo
VA:Takeshi Kusao

An assassin who used to be bullied. Often forgotten by his comrades because of his inconspicuous presence.


Sergeant Keroro
Kumiko Watanabe
Private Tamama
Etsuko Kozakura
Corporal Giroro
Jouji Nakata
First Sergeant Kururu
Takehito Koyasu
Lance Corporal Dororo
Takeshi Kusao
Fuyuki Hinata
Houko Kuwashima
Natsumi Hinata
Chiwa Saito


Original story
Mine Yoshizaki
Haruki Kasugamori
Animation production
Production assistance
Theme song
Keroro ☆ Popstar" by Mayumi Gojo (Nippon Columbia)

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