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Anime Spotlight - And you thought there is never a girl online? (Netoge no Yome wa Onna no ko ja Nai to Omotta?)

by Chih-Chieh Chang,
TV Anime on air starting April 7, 2016!


There aren't any girls in online games. There was a period of time in the past when I thought that! Confessing my love to a female character in an online game! > Sorry, I'm a guy in real life! A boy with such a dark past, Hideki (Lucian), then receives a confession of love from a female character in an online game. Is it the return of his dark past? He though, but... "S-Seriously? You're really a girl in real life!?" "Wow! It's Lucian! It's really Lucian!" The partner, Ako (Ako Tamaki) was really a beautiful girl, but... "There you are, Lucian! Good morning, Lucian" "Wait, hold it! Stop it, you're killing me! You're going to kill me from embarrassment.......!" This girl... she can't tell the difference between real life and online games!? This isn't good! My real life is going to wither away! Hideki gets on the move with his guild-mates to rehabilitate her into somewhat of a normal human, but... A pitiful yet fun real life approximate to online game life begins!


Hideki Nishimura
VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Heads straight home after school and his hobbies are games... one of you guys that are rarely, no often, seen. In class, he dominates the status of the openly otaku character.

Ako Tamaki
VA: Rina Hidaka
A girl with stranger anxiety that can't tell the difference between online games and real life. In real life... but then, she doesn't come to school that often to begin with. A shut-in.

Akane Segawa
VA: Inori Minase
A closet otaku that often throws insults like "Otaku are all so gross!" Spends every day curbing herself from reacting to otaku talk, as if she were thinking, "Calm down, my arm...!"

Kyoh Goshoin
A well-to-do girl with high stats as the chairman's daughter and student council president. With parents who make misunderstandings often, she is the result of all sorts of misunderstandings like power and how to use money!

Nanako Akiyama
VA: Hitomi Owada
A girl that has an aura of an enriched real life that the members of the Online Gaming Club can't even begin to compete with. Close friend of Akane, but she has done something that is somehow not really good......

Yui Saito
VA: Yoshino Nanjō
A beautiful Japanese teacher who is the homeroom teacher for Hideki's class. She looks like a normal teacher, but is surprisingly knowledged in online gaming as well...?


Hideki Nishimura/Lucian
Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Ako Tamaki
Rina Hidaka
Akane Segawa/Schwein
Inori Minase
Kyoh Goshoin/Apricot
Nanako Akiyama
Hitomi Owada
Yui Saito
Yoshino Nanjō


Original Story
Shibai Kineko (Published by Dengeki Bunko)
Original Story Illustrations
Animation Production
project No.9
Shinsuke Yanagi
Series Composition
Tatsuya Takahashi
Character Designs
Akane Yano
Opening Theme Artist
Luce Twinkle Wink☆
Ending Theme Artist
Yoshino Nanjō

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