Viewers Like You

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 026 - Viewers Like You

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We're trying something new this week, but hey, at least the top of the show is normal: Justin and I talk Soul Eater and its relatively generic storytelling merits, which are difficult to ignore. Then we're right into our experiment!

Instead of a normal industry-related guest this week, we've decided to reach out to you - that's right, you! - the listeners. We invited people to submit topics they'd like to talk about and had roughly 5 different conversations, ranging from the relative popularity of One Piece to the best moe shows to get started to the difficulties of marketing anime to anyone at all, let alone middle-aged Canadians. We also take some longer email questions about the best way to leap into the anime industry based on your college degree and the slow transformation of anime conventions into teenage party meltdowns. All that plus some other stuff! It's super fun!

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NSFW Language Warning: Some swearing. Consult your doctor before use.

ANNCast Episode 26 Breakdown

00:20 Host intro, Soul Eater discussion

06:40 First caller: Jon from Janaiblog talks about his viewing habits and what moe shows we should consider giving a shot.

13:30 Kyle Cardine from Illinois wants to know why One Piece isn't blowin' up. Some super fun surprises in this bit!

23:20 A letter from Danny about his college experience and how he can best find his way into a job in the anime industry.

29:00 Next call is from Corey in Wisconsin who would really like to see anime go back to being cool and mainstream.

37:35 Brian from Toronto (also known as "Blood-" in the forums!) is a middle-aged gentleman with a unique story and some interesting ideas about how to market anime to his age group. He also has some incredibly nice things to say about the site (thanks again!).

52:20 Our final caller is Scott from who chats with us about the potential for streaming video and the future of anime consumption in the US. Also: why do people sit through mediocre series?

01:06:35 Final email is from Steph, who has recently noticed all anime conventions are swarming with teenagers; c'est la vie!

And that's it! See you next week.

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