Piece Out

by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast 085- Piece Out

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This week I'm joined by the hosts of the popular OnePiecePodcast, Zach Logan and Ed Lang. We talk about One Piece. For an hour.

Okay so that's not all we discuss - we talk about podcasting in general, advice for people thinking of starting their own podcast, Otakon 2011, what we've been watching lately and then take a bunch of questions from Twitter! At one point Zach Logan chimes in with a fun fact that connects Evangelion to One Piece! YOU CAN'T MISS THAT

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NSFW Language Warning: Some cursing! Enjoy, you lucky people.

ANNCast Episode 85 Breakdown

00:30 Zach & Ed introduction and the birth of the OnePiecePodcast

11:30 What they've got coming down the road

12:20 Monetizing podcasts, the impossible dream

15:00 Advice for blossoming podcasters

19:50 The changing nature of One Piece filler episodes

23:00 Just how close are we to the end of One Piece

28:40 Those One Piece mousepads, you know what's up

35:10 What we've been watching

39:00 Otakon!

48:20 Twitter time!

And that's it! See you next week!

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