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Operation Expo

Answerman: Operation Expo

Woohoo! Only a week left until AnimeExpo, and this Answerman is counting the minutes. It's shaping up to be a great convention. What I love so much about AX is how fandom totally shuts down for about a week - seems like everyone and their brother goes to this thing.

But enough of my fanboyish droolings. Onward to this week's Q&A.

Just a quickie for ya... will Boys Be... ever be coming to the US on DVD anytime soon?

Thanks, JR

Well, Boys Be... hasn't been licensed yet, so probably not. When it does eventually get licensed, I can't imagine there not being a DVD release.

Could you please list all of The Slayers anime? I just wanna know stuff like how many seasons, episodes, movies, ova's, etc. Thanks.

W007! Another “Please list every Slayers incarnation ever made” question. *cracks knuckles* Here we go!

Slayers 1-26
Slayers Next 1-26
Slayers Try 1-26
Slayers Special OAV 1-3
Slayers Excellent OAV 1-3
Slayers Perfect (movie)
Slayers Return (movie)
Slayers Great (movie)
Slayers Gorgeous (movie)

And that's it!

Dear Answerman!

I just heard there will be a NEW YU YU HAKUSHO MOVIE in Japan next year!! Is this just a rumor or is it actually true??

Rumor. I haven't heard anything about this at all; hasn't been in any recent Newtypes or Animages, so while it isn't a complete impossibility, it's still a rumor for now.

i was wondering if you guys know if the anime Berserk is going to come stateside, if it is then whos bringing it? If not then why? And what happend to the new Vampire Hunter D movie? i heard about it awhile ago then nothing.

Thank you for your time

Berserk was supposed to be licensed by Urban Vision a while back but negotiations fell through. I believe they're still working out contract details; we'll just have to wait and see what comes of it. Conveniently, Urban Vision is also releasing the new VHD movie this fall.

Dear Answerman,
This may seem like an odd question, but it's been driving my group of friends and I crazy for the past week or so. Was Rainbow Brite (80s cartoon) originally an anime, localized by Dic and Hallmark for the US? I ask, because Rainbowbrite.net says that it's possible, and that the webmaster isn't sure. (http://www.rainbowbrite.net/fiction/) Please help if you can.. or give any details on how to find the answer.

Chris Valdez

No. Rainbow Brite was conceived by Americans for American audiences. Actually, I believe it was the brainchild of some marketing genius at Mattel.

Hey answerman,
Will there be More Initial D stages?
Gilad Abiri

It's possible. They've had two seasons and a movie, and the show is still frighteningly popular, so I'd imagine that they'll have more eventually.

I have a question, but I have to ask that if you answer it in your column, you not reveal who it came from! Since my anime club disbanded a year or two ago, I've been really out of the loop and feel like I'm the only one who doesn't know... what the heck is "FLCL"?? Everyone says its so great but I have no idea what it is!!

FLCL or FuriKuri is the new OVA series produced by Gainax, and animated by Production I.G It'll be available here in the states this winter. You've heard correct; the show is pure genius. Definitely worth seeing.

Has Eden's Bowy been picked up for an American release? And if so, when will it come out?


Eden's Bowy has yet to be licensed.

If Pioneer is showing Ah! My Goddess The Movie at Anime Expo does that mean we can expect a Region 1 release sometime soon? And do you know why AnimEigo didn't pick it up? Or are they owned by Pioneer?
Thx ^_^

I wouldn't “expect” anything. They're showing the movie at Expo; but they haven't made any announcements regarding the actual licensing of the film or whether or not a Region 1 release is coming. AnimEigo, an independent company, didn't pick it up because they probably don't have the money. I can only imagine what the licensing fee for that movie is.

Oh holy answerman,

I was wondering if Trigun Maximum has taken an anime form in Japan yet or if it is only a manga release.

For now, it's just a manga. There might be an anime release eventually; when or why is anyone's guess.

And that's all for today.

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