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To the Point

Normally I'd rant here, but instead, I'll just get down to business. Deal?

I've watched DNA2 in fansub form and found it pretty entertaining. The thing about it that intrigues me is that I've heard that there will never be a US commercial release because the originals got burned in a fire. Is there any truth to this or am I just being jerked around? Thanks.

That's one of the rumors. There are others, but simply put, original master tapes of DNA 2 aren't available anymore. The only thing US companies can get now are LDs, and even those are hard to come by. Besides, they may have gotten away with LD copy quality back in the bad ol' days of VHS, but now that DVD is the primary choice of otaku, they can't pull it off anymore. I wouldn't expect to ever see DNA 2 over here, unless new masters are discovered.

1) Are the 8 volumes of Ghost in the Shell Available in some kind of value pack?

2) Is Jin-Roh coming to DVD? If so what is its release date?

Thank you

Dark Horse released a nicely bound Ghost in the Shell graphic novel a while ago. You can find it in any bookstore for a mere 24.95. Jin-Roh will be out on DVD in the US next spring.

Hi hi! I just wanted to know if Cartoon Network still plans to show "Candidate for Goddess." Thanks!

As far as anyone knows, they haven't shelved plans to air it. We just haven't heard anything on it in a while. Keep your eyes peeled; I'd expect an announcement within a week or so regarding a date.

Hey Answerman,

It has been said that films are a director's medium and television is a writer's medium. In your opinion, is anime a director's medium, a writer's medium, or an artist's medium? Don't wuss out and say all three. My take is that it is a director's medium, though good artwork and animation can carry a weak story, but you're the pro and what do I know.

Tony Austin

I'll indulge this question, even though it's just asking for my opinion. Saying "anime is" is like saying "American entertainment is". Personally I feel anime TV shows and the movies based on those TV shows are a writer's medium, with heavy influence from the corporations that produce the shows. There are a few exceptions - Evangelion and Utena, both the TV and the film versions, were clearly the creative vision of the director. Anime film, when it isn't based on a television series, is usually a director's medium. Anything by Ghibli, Jin-Roh, Metropolis, Angel's Egg.. any of these films and countless others show the direct creative influence of the director. So, it's kind of a mixed bag, really. You can't apply huge generalizations to it.

Dear beloved all knowing man of answers
Many moons ago (I think like 4 years) there was a lovely little program that I woke up to on saturdays. It was called "Saturday Anime" on the Sci-Fi Channel. There I lovingly watch Tank Police, Galaxy Express 999, and Iria over and over and over again. I loved it. I still do. I wish it were back. I even watched it when it was on at 3 in the morning on sunday. I was an addict. NOW though. Now the only way I can get an anime fix is by watching edited down dbz and db on CN, and enjoying Cowboy Bebop on their "Adult Swim" (which I do love). But sadly, when you are addicted to movies, you need movies to fufill you at times. I'm sure you have experienced that feeling. So please tell me, why was saturday anime taken out of rotation? Does sci-fi plan on putting it back on? If no can you make them, omnipowerful answerman-sama? Pwease? For me?

-everyone's favorite author wannabe guy
-Drift (yes I am Lane aswell)

Well, Sci-Fi essentially has no plans for future anime showings at this time. They used to show Saturday Anime, but they canned that. Then they started Anime Colony, and attempted to start a large anime community at Sci-Fi.com, but the powers that be at the Sci-Fi Channel eventually decided that anime was not the way to go (fools.. could have been a huge cash cow for you, but no..) and yanked it. Anime Colony still exists and Sci-Fi occasionally shows an anime film late at night. They did so over the summertime. As for long term plans, though, there are none. Sorry, dude.

Refresh my memory please, cause I'm not sure if I read it here a few weeks ago. Is it true that they will be doing a second series for Cowboy Bebop?


Nope. That was a rumor. They may one day do another feature film, but there are no plans for a second TV series.

is there a goemon anime coming out I read it was coming on up coming release

Yep. Konami is putting out a Goemon: Mystical Ninja anime. They have plans for other series, too. *crosses fingers for a Symphony of the Night anime..*


A while ago I heard about a third FY OAV coming out sometime. I was wondering what the progress on that is at the moment and if you might know it's approximate release date.

Thanx! =)

-Justen =Þ

Oh boy, this Fushigi Yuugi question again. Hasn't been answered in nearly a week! Yes, there are more Fushigi Yuugi OAV episodes coming out. They're based on the Gaiden novels, which detail the lives of the male characters before Miaka arrives. As far as I know, there is no release date as of yet.

do you know where I can find Magnetic Rose ??????


Fansubs are the only way to get Memories. Nobody's licensed the film because of the ridiculous cost. A lot of fansub places carry it, and heck, if you want to be really legitimate, buy the R2 DVD from Japan. It has English subtitles.

"Wandering with the wind" has apparently been licensed as all fansub places I trust have pulled it from their lists. Now my question is who got the rights for it? I haven't seen it listed amid all the craziness of late. DVD copies will be incredible since I've only seen one episode so far, but its an incredible series (I think ^_^ ).

if you haven't seen it.....
Any series with a drunken master samurai chick is bad ass. ;) essentially its Zena Warrior princess transferred to a Kenshin time period with appropriate changes reflected. hehe

thanks for your time...

Kazemakaze Tsukikage Ran has been licensed by Bandai. It'll be out eventually. Just to clarify, Ran is really nothing like Xena. It's a tribute to old Samurai movies.

As Chop-Chop Master Onion once said, that's it for today. See you Friday.

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