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Rantless in Tokyo

Answerman: Rantless in Tokyo

Straight to the questions.

I recently bought the "BLOOD" dvd and wasn't too happy about the endind ....My questions is are they any sequels to this film? Also this questions applies to the Movie Ghost in the Shell.....

There's a manga that goes into more detail than the film does and a PlayStation 2 game in the works that supposedly delves deeper into the story. No film sequel plans as of yet, though.

2 Questions:
I download a lot of anime, but would like to support the industry by purchasing stuff that has been licenced and available. Do you know of any website(s) that list this sort of information?

And secondly, do you know of any website(s) that list the number of episodes that series run for (I'm after a big list here) as people often send me CD's saying "this series is complete" but then I find out later that I'm missing numerous episodes.


www.animeondvd.com keeps a pretty good list of what's been licensed and what hasn't. Good to see you're at least conscious of the piracy problem. As for episode numbers, there isn't really a complete list out there; I usually play it by ear. Sometimes it's obvious how many there will be, sometimes it isn't. Just look around on the web. Most pages dedicated to a series will have an episode count.

I have a question about sailormoon. Are their any plans to release new episodes in North America?

Not as of yet. We haven't heard anything about Stars (Although I maintain my position that there's no way in hell it'll ever be broadcast in the US, that is purely speculation) and the whole "new Sailor Moon" thing that came out of Japan a few months back turned out to be a rumor.

I heard that Slayers will broadcast on Fox Kids. Is this true? Will Outlaw Star, Big O, Tenchi, any Gundams or Sailor Moon make a return to Toonami? Will Gundam 0083 be on Toonami any time soon? Since Escaflowne is coming to theaters, would it be edited for kids or completely uncut? Would there even be anything to edit?

Thanks for your time.

Slayers on Fox Kids is apparently in limbo. With Fox Kids cancelling their weekday block in 2002, I think it's unlikely we'll see it on TV. All of those series will eventually be rebroadcast once it's been a sufficiently long enough time to warrant showing them again. CN has a tendency to run something into the ground before yanking it off the air. We've been told that Escaflowne will be uncut. It'll probably get a PG-13; it's pretty dark and bloody. It's a Bandai release and won't be held to the same editing standards as the Fox edited run of the TV series. Gundam 0083 hasn't been announced as a broadcast property yet but I'd speculate that it will be.

Was the Sailor Moon comic cancelled? If so, why?

No. Tokyopop is still releasing it. The Graphic Novels of the series sell very well.

Dear Answerman

For this is the first time I have been on The Anime Network website, because I needed valuable information about News about Initial D the anime. No websites as of now have posted any information about this question and yet alot of fans I know of have firey rumors about this.... Forgive me, but I highly doubt that you'll answer my question, I guess you are my only hope. I really need to know, IS THERE SUCH THING AS INITIAL D 4TH STAGE? I don't want to know if it's on sale. I don't want to know where can I get it. I just want to know, if it's either in production in Japan, or if it's even going to start. I just want to know, has Initial D died? Rumours are spreading around that I have only heard of saying that there is such a thing, but many others tell me that it could just be 1 crazed fan saying "fourth stage shall come" when the reason he said that was for attention and there is no proof that he is right.

Will Initial D come with an upcoming series? or is it all a false dream?

Right now, it's a dream. I wouldn't expect any more Initial D anytime soon, but as the 3rd Stage movie DVD sells in Japan, they may consider doing another season of the TV series. Keep an eye open; just because it hasn't been announced yet doesn't mean it won't be announced eventually.

Hey Answerman,
Is there anyword on when ADV will be realsing the Master of Mosquiton, Th Vampre DVD's? How about Mosquiton '99?

ADV doesn't have a release date yet for the Mosquiton DVDs and they haven't released anything for Mosquiton '99. I'd imagine they will eventually, but, not yet.

does bandai have any plans to bring over the rest of the gundam series like Mobile Suit Z Gundam, mobile suit Gundam ZZ, V Gundam etc

signed guy who needs more gundam

Yep. Bandai will release every Gundam related series they can in the States, eventually. Just be patient.


How many episodes is Inu Yasha? I know it's more than 26.


Inu-Yasha is still running in Japan, so a total number of episodes isn't available yet. I know up through 47 or so have been fansubbed, and there's a movie coming out in December, but there's no end in sight.

Dear Answerman

I have two questions.
1. Are the documentary portions of "OTAKU NO VIDEO" real?
2. Dose anyone know what happened to Anime Web Turnpike?
I am very thankful for any help you can give me, thank you.

Yes, they are real. As for Anipike, they're still having server trouble.

Hey answerman

I just started getting in to the Evangelion manga and i love it, i read that the collectors edition has the right to left writing and original Japanese sound effects.....did they just say it has sound effects, sounds like a cool comic.
Can you tell me what that is?
Also they have these books they sell for 15.95. The normal comics are 3.95 or so. whats the difference?

thanks a lot almighty answernam

By "Japanese sound effects" they mean that the "whoosh!" and "bam!" sounds they have in the English "regular" edition aren't translated in the collector's edition; they're left as "fu-hu-shuu!" and "bah-mu!" in Katakana and Hiragana. As for the price difference, 15.95 is the price of a graphic novel versus 3.95 for a single issue. A graphic novel is a set of collected single issues.

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