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Answerman Returns

Answerman Returns

Answerman Returns! Here are 15 questions to sate your thirst for answers.

Hi Answerman!

I have recently gotten into anime (Actual I have been into it for about two years but that was just the shows on Cartoon Network so that really doesn't count.) and I guess I am a newbie to the scene.

I have recently come across a few shows that seem down right interesting (Battle Angel Alita, Appleseed, Striker, Aqua Knights) and I decided to take my limited teenaged funds to check out these series.

But since I don't have a credit card and niether do my parents and having zip local store (actually stores in a hundred mile radius) that carry any subtitles (my preference) or even dubs I was quite dissapointed. Then I found out that Viz Comics had translated a few of these seemingly very interesting series into comics and graphic novels.

I was quite excited to here this and after tracking them down (and not at a local bookstore either) I found them at a book store that wasn't all that far away.

Anyway I am planning on getting the graphic novels and I just wanted to know if Battle Angel Alita, Appleseed, Aqua knight, and Striker was worth spending my money on.

Thanks so much for your time and sorry about making this so long. :)

Of all of those titles, I'd spent my money on Battle Angel Alita first. It's an absolute masterpiece. Worth every penny. Striker and Appleseed are fun reads and worth your time but might not be worth the cover price, as manga tends to be somewhat expensive. I'd skip Aqua Knights; I found it to be pedestrian and lame.

Dear Answerman,
I read somewhere that viz is going to release the Inuyasha series in the US this summer in August.
Is it true?

Yep. You heard right. It'll be released with 3 episodes per disc.

I'm getting confused w/ the eva perfect boxed set. It states that it comes w/ the remastered dvd 1 and the fixed insert. I thought this set included the remastered dvds of ALL Eva. So, since I know it doesn't, will the other dvds be remastered and this entire thing is just a ploy for ADV to empty their inventory? Or will it NOT be released as a ploy for ADV to empty their inventory. If they are releasing the remastered individually I'll just buy the box w/ the first dvd and wait for the rest. Please answer ASAP if possible, as I (as well as many out there) have already reseved my Perfect Boxed Set.

Since ADV didn't make the same mistakes on later discs that they did with the first Evangelion disc, there's no need to remaster all of them. Basically the reason they offer the box with the first remastered volume is because many people have a faulty first volume but still bought the rest of the series.

Hello Answer Man!
This may be a silly question, but how is the Kogepan TV show doing in Japan? Will it ever come to the US? I love the burned bread and I really want to see the show.
Also, when will all of Samurai Troopers come out on DVD in the US?


Not sure how Kogepan did in Japan but it's such a strange little show, I don't see it getting a US release any time really soon. There is a Samurai Troopers DVD release. It's supposed to happen in April.

Greetings O font of knowledge!

After reading a question about Martian Successor Nadesico in your column, I became curious:

Will there be more Nadesico (TV or OAV)?

I heard that they made a spin off series out of the Gekigenger (hope thats spelled right) TV show INSIDE the TV show. Fact or rumor?

Thats all for now, thanks!


They did indeed make a Gekiganger OVA spin-off. ADV has the rights to it. As far as I know, there won't be any more Nadesico.


I really enjoy your website, the info is very helpful. I have two questions for you. Do you think there will be another season of Escaflowne? Last is do you know how I can contact the director or creator of Escaflowne. It would be wonderful if you wrote me back as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

Our lively editor Tempest answered this one himself: The quick answer to your question is, "No," no more tv series, no plans either. But check out the theatrical movie and the Manga Series (Not currently available in English) for some very different perspectives on the Escaflowne story.

Thanks, Tempest!

hey answerman,
I'm an anime fan...not sure if i'm a huge anime fan though. I hope you could answer my question. I was wondering if you would suggest some anime that would suit my taste. I'm always afraid to go buy an anime...because I'm kinda low on cash and theirs always a chance I won't like it. Lets see....ones that I do like are cowboy bebop, ninja scroll, street fighter II, ninja resurrection, Blood the last vampire, and samarai x. I usually like anime with good quality animation. I know I know...I'm kinda picky. Any suggestions????...I really need a good anime to tie me over til the cowboy bebop movie comes out....I'm bored outta my mind!

Watch Escaflowne and the Rurouni Kenshin TV series. That'll keep you nice and busy.

I've started hearing good things about Read or Die. The idea of a myopic telepaperkinetic secret agent defintely appeals to my bibliophillic nature - any word on the OAVs being brought over to English? (Aside from fansubbing, I mean - I'm not in on that scene.)

--Ben Novack, aka The Incredible Hatboy
AIM: I am the Hatboy
--- Fugitive soft-drink prototype

Yeah, Manga Entertainment licensed Read or Die. No release date yet but it's a seriously fun little show.


You wouldn't happen to know if there are plans to release the Trigun manga on American shores? I've been told that it hasn't come over, and no one seems to know if it will be coming soon, if at all.


No plans, no announcements, no nothing. Sorry.

Hi Answerman!

Got a question about the movie The Matrix. I've been hearing this for a while about an anime coming out concerning the Matrix? I'm really confused because I am big fan of the movie, but I can't seem to find any information about the so-called "Anime" coming out? Do you know anything about this? I hope you can help me out on this one! Thanks again!


Buy the "Matrix Revisited" DVD. That has pretty much all the information there is on the subject.

Dear Answer Man,

Is Viz planning on releasing all volumes of the original Video Girl Ai manga?

Jonathan Wood


Hello again,

I read your article rather regularly, so the topic of my question may be a little redundant; however, I read animeondvd as well. Maybe my question is being sent to the wrong person; but, hey, I trust your knowledge. Anyway, on the Sunday, February 17 edition of animeondvd there is a little article relating to a Media Blasters statement regarding the aquisation of Berserk. I am sure that there was and is only one season of that series; so, why does it say that Media Blasters wants to wait to see if season one sells before they aquire season two? Hopefully you can enlighten me as to whether they are talking about a different series or if it was just a misprint. Thank you.

Looks like a misprint to me. There is no Season 2. That was a rumor that hasn't been debunked yet but nothing's come of it since it popped up 2 years ago.

Dear Answerman
I was wondering if I could please trouble you with a question? A few months ago I purchased my first ever anime, the region 2 DVD of 'Ghost In The Shell.' After enjoying the film I turned to the extra features and watched the trailer. However to my surprise I noticed that the English dub on the trailer used different voice actors to those used in the final film. So could you please explain the discrepancy for me? Thankyou for your time,

Yours confusedly
Dominic Smith

Sometimes the trailers are put together long after or long before the film is actually dubbed. Rather than rehire the original actors or settle on sub actors when they're too far away from the actual production of the film, they'll use scabs or sound-alikes to fill in.

Oh great one that knows it all, can you tell me anything about sakura diaries I just finished watching my collector's set and I can't find any info on the upcoming ovas.HELP!!!!!!!

Er… that's probably because there aren't any new OVAs coming out.

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