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Alright, let's get started.

Hello Answerman,

I've just recently found my way to Anime News Network and been looking through all your previous articles. I must say you do an excellent job and I look forward to reading you new posts. Now, on to my questions...

1) I know Pioneer is releasing the first season of Vandread currently and since I'm a huge fan I was wondering if they have any intention of releasing the second stage. If so, any possible estimates for a release date?

2) I'm also a big fan of Hellsing, I know that Pioneer is also releasing the 13 episode series on DVD currently... but my question is whether Gonzo Studios has any intention for making another 13 episodes?

Well, thanks for your time and I hope to hear back from you!

Well, as with any series, if Vandread sells well (And it is, from what I hear..) Pioneer will most certainly release the second season. When a studio licenses a series, generally the contract covers all episodes of a series. Sometimes they'll do what's called "optioning", which is licensing the first season of a series, waiting to see how that series performs in the US market, and keeping an option to license the rest of the series pending a good performance. It's a way to lock down the rights to the series so nobody else can license it without actually paying for the series. I believe Bandai did this with Crest of the Stars. As for Hellsing, there's a second season being released this coming November in Japan. It'll be 13 episodes long. Hopefully this time they'll just stick to the manga.. none of this 'Incognito' crapola.


I was wondering what's the proper order to watch SnS. I have already watched
Crest of the Stars and have acess to a SnS movie, SnS prequel OVA, and SnS
season one and two.


Yeah, Seikai no Senki is a little confusing. The Seikai no Senki movie is basically just a condensed version of the first TV series, so you can either watch that or not. I don't think there's any major revelations in the film that aren't in the show, so it isn't integral to the storyline. If you really want to be on top of things, watch the first season, the second season, then the prequel OVA. Usually prequels are best watched after seeing the entire series (Witness the Kenshin OVA series and Star Wars: Episode One. They both make much more sense if you've seen the series they're based on.). Hopefully that'll get you back on track.

We can't find a definite answer about the Cardcaptors Sukura T.V. Series
coming back on or not? Recently, Cardcaptors The Movie was released. As we
wait for the second movie to be released in the states, I wonder if the Tv
series will continue on any networks? Also, was the second movie the "END"
of Cardcaptors? We hope not!

Card Captor Sakura is officially a dead property in Japan. CLAMP hasn't said anything about making more, probably because they have definite endings to both the manga and the TV storylines. The second movie is technically the end of the TV series and the manga wrapped itself up nicely with volume 12. As for the American release, it's up in the air. The show did not perform, ratings-wise, so I'm pretty sure the WB is sitting on it for now. Perhaps it will find a permanent home on Toonami. There are a lot of rumors about more Cardcaptor Sakura being released, but that's because fans sometimes have a hard time letting go. Convincing them that it's over can be difficult.

Hey Answerman,

At the local hobby stores, I have seen Initial D car models of an Acura Integra Type R and Honda Civic Type R. Although the cover art on both of these boxes show the cars racing the 86, neither of these cars appear in the Initial D anime. Can you shed some light on the subject?

A wanabe drifter,


I know absolutely nothing about cars, but I can try to answer your question. What you could have seen was part of an Initial D line of model cars that included some cars that weren't actually in the show. I know sometimes Gundam kits come out labeled as being part of the anime series, yet the kits themselves are of Gundams that are only in the manga versions of those titles. It's also possible that they just slapped the Initial D name on a bunch of old model kits in order to sell them faster. If anyone actually knows anything about this, please let me know!

Alright, that's all for today. See you all on Friday!

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