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Witch Hunter Answerman

Let's get cracking, shall we?

Dear answerman,
I, like many other anime fans, really like Trigun. It's one of my few "A" shows. Because I like it so much I plan to buy all the manga in Japanese, and I have already purchased much of it. However, I can't read the japanese, nor can I find translations online. Just from what I know from watching the entire tv series and looking at the pictures in the manga I can tell that the manga is totally awesome and amazing. What I want to know is if and when we will see an american company sell the trigun manga in english in america. And if someone already owns the rights, who? At Otakon Mr. Nightow said that the manga wont be done for two years. Are they waiting for the whole thing to be finished before they start translating and printing it? I scoured the net and nobody seems to know, other than a few rumours/guesses. Thanks..


As far as I know, nobody's licensed the Trigun manga yet. Companies are tight-lipped on this property, and as for your other question, “when and if”, we'll need to enlist the powers of Pete, my magical divination monkey.

Get to work, Pete. Will we get the Trigun manga? If so, when?

... .

Pete says it'll happen when the planets align completely in March of 2056, when a single ray of light will penetrate the darkness of space and target an alien civilization that's thriving beneath the surface of Mars. These aliens will then emerge, and demand that Earth licenses the Trigun manga or they'll invade and colonize our planet. Viz will then license the manga and release it in a bi-monthly format for 9.99 per volume.

I have a friend who lives in Canada and maily only sees some of the stuff on TV. She's a big fan of Gundam Wing(A series I desperately depise. But it's the only gundam series shown up there...) Anyway, she says she'd like to be a "bigger" aniem fan, yet she finds almost any amount of female fan-service(from panty shots to nudity, you name it) disgusting and doesn't care to watch a show if it features that. My problem is that almost every series features female fan service. I know of a few titles that don't but still. Most series that would appeal to a girl do feature fan-service. Is there anyway of helping her overcome this or is it a hopeless case? And one more thing, what do you think of people who ditch Evangelion without seeing the entire series?

Well, if she's turned off by female fan service, show her the multitude of series that don't have any. Revolutionary Girl Utena doesn't have any fan service, except bare-chested bishounen, and if she's working from a double-standard, then she'll be fine with that. Also try Escaflowne, both the TV series and the movie. There's very little fan service in either one since Hitomi is not sexualized as a character. There are a few Meruru panty shots, but they're hardly noticeable. Also, try Fushigi Yuugi, which has almost no fan service to speak of. As for your last question, people who don't finish Evangelion probably didn't like it very much. 26 episodes and a movie is a lot to get through if you can't stand the series.

I'm a huge fan of the Inu-Yasha manga and I recently heard a rumor that the television series will be aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim along with Big O 2 and the Ghost in Shell series. Do you know if there is there any truth behind this rumor?

Alex Larson

Yeah, it's all true. Inu-Yasha will be on Cartoon Network starting August 31st during the Adult Swim Action block. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is rumored to be airing simultaneously with its Japanese release in October. The Big O 2 will probably be more of a standard release and come out a few months after its completion in Japan. Expect some announcements on this stuff to happen at Anime Next, a convention happening in New Jersey.

I was wondering if you know anything about D.N.Angel getting made into a anime show because I am completely in love with the manga and I would love to watch it. Also i would like to know if it is being developed then who is making it. Thanks

As of this writing, there is no D.N.Angel anime being planned. I know the manga has enjoyed serious popularity, but then again, when I said there was no Naruto anime being planned, it was then announced a few days later. So, maybe publishing this question will grant you your wish.

Hi there Answerman,
You run a great column and always provide great info, the question I have for you today is about the series Witch Hunter Robin. Would you know how many eps the series will run for and currently how many have been aired in Japan? Also could you tell me the name of the opening credit song as well as the band? Thanks in advance if you can get around to this question


I'm not sure how long Witch Hunter Robin is going to be in the end, but it seems like 12-13 episodes total. The animation quality and storyline progression suggests that many to me. The opening theme is called "Shell", and it's by a group called Bana. You can buy it at CD Japan.

Alright, see you on Friday.

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