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Ms. Answerman Transforms

by Rebecca Bundy,
Time to start this week's adventure into the piles of questions.

Ms. Answerman,
1. I'm a really big Go Nagai fan, and I was wondering if anyone has
liscenced the Amon - Apocalypse of Devilman movie?
2. When is ADV going to release Aura Battler Dunbine?
Chris Ely

There isn't any information on whether or not Amon - Apocalypse of Devilman has been licensed yet. About two years ago, an article on the release of Amon Saga in Animerica was published with an image of the cover of the Amon movie. Any rumors still floating around might be due to this mistake.
As for Aura Battler Dunbine, ADV licensed this back in 2001. They have yet to announce a release date.

Dear Mr. Answerman,
I have question concering the event that take place on Dragon Ball Z Episode 250 - Majin Buu Transforms. Why doesn't Gohan Go SS? I mean with his new awakened powers combined with the strength gained from being SS he should have been able to beat Majin Buu into the ground. So why didn't he? Thanks for your time.
-Lauren D'Ambrosio

Due to Gohan's training with Old Kai, he unlocked all of his potential power
before fighting Majin Buu. Because of this, it's thought that he was unable
to go SS since the power he gained was equal to going SSJ3. His body, or
possibly the universe, wouldn't be able to handle the power that would be
released if he went SS in his present state. There's also the problem that
doing too much damage might hurt or kill Piccolo and Gotenks since they were
absorbed into Majin Buu. Gohan's goal wasn't to kill Majin Buu, only distract
him for the 30 minutes necessary for Gotenks to split back into Goten and

On your latest news page you said a Ganbare Goemon anime is coming out
based on "Mystical Ninja starring Goemon". When will this anime come
out? like this year? on TV or video? any specific dates? Approximately
what will be the price range? Please TRY to answer all or some of these
questions, it is very important that i know this information, thanks!

ADV Films is releasing Goemon - Legend of the Mystical Ninja at the end of May. The DVD is 100 minutes long and will cost $30. There's also a version available with an art box to hold all future DVDs in the series. If you need something to fill your craving, try finding the old Goemon games for the SNES or Game Boy. There were four games released in Japan, but only the first one made it over to the US. There were a few other Mystical Ninja titles published for the N64 as well, and two of them made it to the states.

I am planning on buying Evangelion dvds, and I am something of a purist when it comes to anime. I heard that the Evangelion movies were only made because of complaints of fans who didn't like the ending in the series, and that the director didn't plan or want to do the movie "End of Evangelion." Since my greatest concern is the director's original vision and intention, should I plan on buying the Evangelion movie as well?

It's true that the Japanese fans weren't satisfied with the ending of the Evangelion TV series. The director, Anno Hideaki, made the movie partly in response to the viewer's reactions. If being a purist is the only reason you can come up with for skipping out on the movie, then you should probably rethink your viewing habits. The movie is considered to be substantially better than the TV series and isn't some half-assed attempt to appease the fans. If you're shelling out the money for the entire series, then spend a little extra and purchase the movies as well.

On the Diamondcomics.com website, in their video section, they are annoncing
a 10th anniversary edition of Ninja Scroll on DVD for an april or may
release I think. I was wondering if you can tell me more about this upcoming
DVD. Will it be a straight re-edition of the first one or will they do a new
transfer for the film and put some good extras this time around?
Also, when can we hope to see Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in
north america?
Finaly, will there a Cowboy Beebop: Best Session vol.2 or was it a one time
Thanks for you time,

The 10th Anniversary edition of Ninja Scroll will be released on June 24th of this year. The movie's been re-mastered for this special edition, and will include plenty of extras that are in the final stages of preparation.
Bandai has the rights for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, but they haven't announced a release date for the series yet.
This was a one-time deal. Cowboy Bebop: Best Sessions was six episodes long. Three were the favorites of the Japanese audience and the other three were the favorites of Shinichiro Watanabe. Releasing a second volume of this would be pointless, since the entire series has been released in the US, and after two volumes of “Best Sessions”, you'd have nearly half the series.

So many release dates to keep track of. Until next time!

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