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Ms. Answerman
Searching for Paradise

by Rebecca Bundy,
I'm back! Seems you all had fun with Zac while I was gone, especially with the Alucard/Jesus conspiracy. There're some longer questions and answers ahead, so find a comfy place to sit before reading.

I know this is kinda of a wierd request but lately I have been really
interested in anime that deals with nijas and the entire ninjitsu style of
anime. Lately I have been downloading all the episodes of Naruto, it
actually is really good and I have a few questions, 1) is Naruto still
running in Japan and are they still making new episodes 2) and if they still
are making new episodes do you know anywhere I can find the rest of the
episodes, I have 1-28 and I would love to see the rest of the series. Also
do you have any recomendations of other anime similair in that it involves
ninja's, nothing too corny or anything. If you could do this for me it would
be very appreciated. Also, do you know if the show Inuyasha is still being
created in Japan and also where can I get the remaining episodes, I have
1-105 and I know that there are 111 episodes, at least at this time. Well,
if you could answer me it would be great.

There really aren't a lot of anime series that deal solely with ninjas. Most series that focus on samurai run across at least one ninja.

Naruto is still running in its new primetime slot in Japan. As for the 'rest of the episodes?, there are none. Episode 29 (if you count the hour-long special as 2 episodes) is the most recent episode.
You should probably have a long chat with whoever has been telling you these 'rumors'. As of now, there are only 106 episodes of Inuyasha and the series is still going strong with its recent story that (FINALLY) deals with enemies that last longer than a single episode.

Hello. Love the coloumn. Its a great help.
First off, I have heard a lot about Wolf's Rain. When can we expect an actual American release? Does anyone know what company is going to pick it up?
ANother odd question. Why do certain companies (I won't put plugs) change their mangas direction every other issue. SOmetimes you get the original "left to right" or it will just change to "right to left" for no apparent reason. It has left me and my friend, an avid manga collector in confusion.

Wolf's Rain was co-produced by Bandai. Though there haven't been any announcements, Bandai will probably license this anime since they had a part in the production process.
As for manga changing directions every other issue?, I've never heard of any that do, are you sure of that? Due to the popularity of the '100% authentic manga' style of publishing graphic novels to read right to left, some companies have switched over to the 'right to left' style in the middle of series. They do this once, if they do it at all. Sometimes, an example being the most recent issue of Peach Girl, the publisher puts a note at the beginning of the manga to let the readers know of this change. I have never seen a graphic novel flip every other issue.

Maybe I missed a question like this. Why is the OAVs of Rouroni Kenshin (called Samurai X in the states) so different? I really enjoy the OAV... but the series just isn't all that good.

This seems to be a pretty common opinion for those who watched the first OVA before watching the TV series. The TV series follows the light-heartedness-mixed-with-fighting formula that Nobuhiro Watsuki used in the manga. For those who watched the OVA first, they expected the TV series to continue the dark and violent themes present in the first OVA. Though you can watch either first, the TV series was produced before the OVA. The OVA is darker and more violent because the creators wanted to emphasize Kenshin's painful and violent past along with the volatile state that the Japanese government was in before the Meiji Restoration. The series, at 90+ episodes, might've been too intense if there weren't lighter elements included in the story. As an added note, if you've been watching Cartoon Network's episodes and not the DVDs, then yes, the series sucks.

Hi Answerperson! I have a curious little question...
Why is Berzerk called Berzerk? Don't you think the title is a
tad...misleading? I've pondered and pondered over it and I can't think of
anything. Also, why is Trigun called Trigun? I heard it had something to
do with him having three guns throughout the series? Maybe you can answer
my questions... Thanks!

One, it's Berserk, there isn't a 'z' in the title. Two, if a person goes berserk, it means that they go into an uncontrollable rage and become violent. Video games often have 'berserk' modes, where the character becomes stronger and can take more damage as they tear through enemies. This is what Gatts does when he fights; he swings his sword and takes out anything in the immediate area. You see this a lot more in the manga, especially when his berserker side becomes a separate entity that talks to Gatts in the form of a large black dog.
As for Trigun, it's because Twogun doesn't sound as nice.
The previous edit of this column said "I don't know, tell me why it's called Trigun!" The answer was sarcastic. I assumed everyone knew that the show is called Trigun because Vash has three guns; his revolver, the gun in his arm, and the giant biomechanical superweapon attached to him.

Hey answer I was just wondering why Hikaru no Go was seemingly cut short at 75 episodes. Is the manga still going and is there anymore Anime on the way?

The anime ends (for now) after 75 episodes because it has already caught up with the manga. The manga ends on April 28th. Whether or not the show caught up completely with the manga, I don't know, having not seen the end of the series or the end of the manga myself yet. Chances are, if they were really close to the end of the manga, there won't be any more anime. It might turn out like Hunter x Hunter, though, where the anime caught up with the manga. As the manga continued, OVAs were released since the series was still popular in Japan.

What is it with 'when is Y going to be licensed' questions? If there is an official announcement about who licensed a series, there'll be a post on ANN's main page. I, for one, hope that someone announces licensing Naruto and Wolf's Rain soon, so that people will stop (well, hopefully there won't be as many) sending in questions regarding these two series.

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