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Ms. Answerman: The Return of the Queen

by Rebecca Bundy,
I'm back! Oh, how I've missed you all, yadda yadda. Let's get moving, shall we?

OK, I'll apologize in advance for asking this, because you are always getting these types of stupid questions, but I couldn't find this one in the April or May archives, so I'll ask it now. My friend told me that he heard about a Shaman King 2 anime that came out, some sort of sequel. I haven't been able t find anything about a continuation, though. Is he just handing me a line?

Shaman King ran for 64 episodes, so technically there was a ‘second season’ in there complete with a second opening and closing, but there has yet to be a sequel for this series. No word on an OVA either; sorry to disappoint.

Dear Answer-Person,

I hope my question is not a part of your list of "Freaking Annoying Questions," so here it goes. I want to know if the TV series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has finished running in Japan (It is my understanding there are 26 episodes). Also, do you have any idea when we could expect to see the State-side release of the series? Thank you for your time.

Bandai Entertainment has the rights to Stand Alone Complex, but there's no word on when the series will become available in the US. The show airs only twice a month on Animaxis, which is a pay satellite channel in Japan, so it's taking a long time to finish up. I believe they're around episode 18 or so now; the show should finish its initial airing later this year. Expect some sort of announcement regarding the show at one of the summer's many big anime conventions.

I had recently just recently started getting into .hack after reading about
it all over the internet, and I like it. I would like to know if there
really is a 27th episode that was banned or recently released. I've seen on
Animenewsnetwork.com that there are only 26. But searching on the internet
I have seen a mention of a 27th episode. I haven't seen any real evidence
of this and was wondering if it was true and if it is do you think Bandai
would release it with the DVDs?

There is a short one-episode side story called .hack//Another Story that is generally referred to as episode 27. This episode focuses on Mimiru and why she originally started playing in The World and does not include any special ending to the .hack//SIGN series. Also, there's really no way of knowing if they're going to release the episode here or not; chances are they'll include it on the final DVD for the .hack://Sign TV series, but there's no guarantees. Incidentally, many popular shows in Japan have gone back and released a 27th episode to eke a few more dollars out of the hardcore fans. Chobits also has a 27th episode.

Answerman, I remember in the Before Time, in the Long Long Ago, when Toonami was first taking on anime Cartoon Network advertised Record of Lodoss War. Do you know what they did with it? Did they ever have it in the first place?
Thanks (if you answer this that is)

Toonami had announced Lodoss War as airing on Toonami Reactor, which was special web programming that CN had set up on their website. Lodoss War aired there for a while on demand, along with a few other little shows. Toonami Reactor is, I believe, now defunct, and everything airs on either Toonami itself or Adult Swim. They didn't license Lodoss War for broadcast on air, so it never aired on the channel proper. I couldn't say whether or not they intend on pursuing the broadcast rights to the show; probably not, though.

While an uncut boxset of "ZOIDS: Chaotic Century" would be nice, I realize this is not very realistic. However, I was wondering if this series would be seeing any DVD release, even if it was just a bare bones edition of what aired on TV. Are there some anime series that are shown on TV that just don't get a release? While all of "Zoids/ZERO" has now been released on DVD I believe, there has been no word on "ZOIDS: Chaotic Century." The previously answered question made it sound as if there was a possibility, just not uncut and in a box and I was wondering if there was possibly some information that I had not been able to dig up. Thank you very much for your time.
- Meteo

Well, basically, they released all of Zoids/ZERO, so the chances that they're planning on releasing Chaotic Century are pretty high. There's no way to know for sure, but generally if they release most of a show on DVD, they'll release the rest of it later. I can't guarantee anything, of course, but just be patient and your show might find its way to shelves soon. If it does, rest assured it will be a bare-bones, broadcast version of what showed on television, aimed at a young audience. Don't expect like, cast and crew commentaries or anything like that.

Well, that's all for this week. Remember, if the question you wanted answered wasn't answered here, you can always use Anime News Network's handy dandy new Search engine to search all 130 previous Answerman columns, and see if the question has already been answered. See you next week!

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