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Ms. Answerman
Question Revolution

by Rebecca Bundy,

I'm back and ready to get started! I would write a rant, but the constant flow of “when is Naruto going to be licensed” and “when is the second season of X coming out?” makes it clear that many of you never bother reading the rants anyways. If you still want some type of rant out of me, there are plenty within the following answers.

Dear Ms. Answerman,
Recently I've had the priviledge of viewing Mirage of Blaze. After the third volume, I've become pretty much obsessed with this show. I know it was based on a series of novels, but I was wondering if there is any kind of manga adaption as well.

There is a five-volume Mirage of Blaze manga series that, according to many, is extremely hard to find. It hasn't been licensed either, so you may have a very hard time trying to get it. Best of luck to you. On a brighter note, the fourth and final DVD volume will hit the shelves by the middle of next month. If you're planning on spending the day out in front of a theatre waiting for the Return of the King, you'll have to buy it the day after. Unless of course you're doing something else at 10am. If you are, I question your priorities (or should I be questioning mine?).

To the one who answers questions,
Back in September Urban Vision released the first DVD of Ninja Scroll TV. There's only 13 episodes to this series, and i'm sure that there is enough time for Urban Vision to at least warrant a release date for the 2nd DVD. Is there any reason on why we have heard jack squat from Urban Vision about the 2nd DVD for Ninja Scroll TV?

Urban Vision hasn't announced anything about when the next DVD will be released, nor given any explanations as to why there aren't any announcements. It hasn't been THAT long since the first DVD was released, and they could be taking their time with this one for any number of reasons. They also haven't updated the webpage since AnimeExpo03, so who really knows what they're planning with this title.

Firs off id like to say that i love your column thingy. ok now for buisness.
1)Is gravitation manga still going in japan?
2)when a series is liscenced, do they liscence a whole series indefinatly, even if its still going, or do they liscence what evers been made?

1) Originally Gravitation was published in the Kimi to Boku magazine and 12 volumes were released. It found a new home with Gentosha (I'm not sure if this is before or after Kimi to Boku stopped publishing it's magazine), which re-released the first 12 volumes with 12 new covers. A few chapters were being published in the magazine Wallflower, but Maki Murakami (mangaka) decided to take a break from Gravitation to work on another series. It's uncertain whether she will pick up/finish this series in the future. Thanks go out to http://www.bad-luck.net/ for most of this information, though I should warn you that there's plenty of fanart/fiction on this site that comes with a 18+ rating.
2) Generally entire series are licensed for a specific title, which include episodes/volumes that have not been made. Thus Viz has the rights to the entire Inu Yasha series, even though it hasn't finished airing in Japan.

To whom it may concern,
I'm a huge fan of the Naruto manga, and I was wondering if you had any information about which company bought the licensing rights for the Naruto anime. If no one has yet, then who do you think will? If you have any information about this, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share it with me.
Thankyou for your time.
~ Tuesday Girl

This is one of the ‘big questions’ that's keeping anime message boards across the net warm at night with endless pages of speculation. No one has announced anything and speculating on ‘who I think will’ is a waste of time which can be better wasted on leveling up through FFXI. The anime follows the manga fairly accurately, so it's not like you're missing out on something that can only be seen in Japan.

The big problem with these sorts of questions is that they make no sense, folks. I don't have access to some secret inside information that the corporations won't let you know. I'm press. They let me know things via press releases, which is the same time you get the information. The funny thing is, the second these sorts of news stories hit the front page, I stop getting these questions (until the next popular yet unlicensed show comes around). I can't predict the future and the company that holds the rights certainly isn't going to make an announcement in this column by letting me spill the beans.

So please, for the love of all that's good and holy, STOP ASKING about whether or not series X has been licensed, or whether I have any information, or whatever. Unfinished licensing agreements are on a need-to-know basis with a corporation, and neither you or I NEED to know until they're ready to tell us.

Dear Gender-Neutral Answerbeing:
-I noticed from the author profile in volume one of Viz's Rurouni
Kenshin manga that Nobohiro Watsuki's new manga is something
entitled "Armored Alchemist." Is this the same as the Full Metal
Alchemist series mentioned in the Fall Anime Special? It certinaly
seems like the type of title that could be translated multiple

These are two completely different series. Busou Renkin is Watsuki's newest series, while Hiromu Arakawa is the mastermind behind the Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist) manga. Both have to do with alchemy, but Busou Renkin hasn't been made into an anime. There has also been some confusion between Fullmetal Alchemist and Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu due to their similar names and being released around the same time, so it's understandable that Busou and Hagane cause confusion as well.

Hello, just wanted to ask a question that I'm sure has been answered before. First is there anymore Hellsing? And second who was Alucard supposed to be? Thanks for your time.

There is more Hellsing as far as the manga goes, but the anime is done and over with for now. As for Alucard, he is supposed to be Vlad the Impaler, the original vampire from way back when. In a flash during the final episode you see his face in the light, and half of his visage is the spitting image of good ol' Vlad. Vlad was considered to be the “real” Dracula, and we all know what Alucard spells backwards.

How can we get The Anime Network cable channel??? Do we sign up for it? Do we call, what? I REALLY need to know! BYE!

You have to live in a city where The Anime Network is offered. If you do, you sign up for it in the same way you sign up for any extra cable station: call up your cable provider and buy it. If you don't, check out http://www.theanimenetwork.com/ and/or contact your cable provider and let them know that you're interested.

Marcella Ryoko!
are they any dating sim type games here in america? (Non H of course) The only one I have ever played was a Dating sim/RPG called thousand arms.
So when will Japan stop being stingy with the Dating Sims?

Um... what about the SIMS? Or every MMORPG out there which allows you to date, marry, or otherwise interact beyond friendships with other real people behind the guise of a (sometimes furry) avatar?
If you prefer to ‘date’ others without worrying about the possibility of a 40 year old male playing that hot Twi'lek dancer your character just married, then you're out of luck as far as I know. There are plenty of hentai ones, but I guess there isn't a demand over here to date cartoons unless they're naked. If people wanted them, I'm sure that one of the numerous markets over here would've caught wind of it and tried to make money off of them.

To the King or Queen of the Answer Domain,
I've noticed that many anime series, after they finish their run, come out with an OAV. My question is did Flame of Recca ever create an OAV? Did Shaman King have an OAV?
Roddimus Prime.

No and No. Sometimes tournament/battle series become popular (such as Hunter x Hunter) and result in numerous movies/OVAs, but Flame of Recca and Shaman King do not fall into this category. Truthfully I've always been annoyed by Flame of Recca's ‘ending’, but I'm more than content to read the manga and wait around for a better one.

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