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I, Ms. Answerman

by Rebecca Bundy,

I love the Lupin the 3rd reruns on Adult Swim. But
I'm curious to see the original Lupin series. Do you
think it'll ever show up stateside?

What ever happened to Rurouni Kenshin on Cartoon
Network? Did they just not bother to pick up the last
episodes because of all the censorship problems and/or
their relative lack of quality? Despite the latter I
would still like to see them, especially on Adult

The first Lupin series? Like, the first first first Lupin TV series, the incredibly moldy old one from 1971? There's an certain retro appeal to the second series, which landed on Japanese airwaves in 1977 and had much better animation, but the first series is ancient-looking and aged even worse than the second series did. Anime fans, outside of a small niche that just loves old stuff, prefer their anime to look at least somewhat new. Lupin series 2 (the one that ran on Cartoon Network) was about as old as I think you're going to see on Adult Swim; even then, the show wasn't a massive success, so I doubt they're going to be mining the old series. In short, don't count on it.

As for the second question, Kenshin was an acknowledged failure on Toonami and was thus yanked from the lineup. It's been said that the show had a lot of viewers, but they weren't the viewers Toonami's advertisers had in mind. Try selling Beyblade tops and Burger King Kids' Club meals to 18-22 year old college students and you'll see what I mean. The show was never recut and reappropriated for Adult Swim, for reasons I know not. Buy the DVDs. Bear in mind it gets pretty silly later on; I dare not say I think it sucked, since that would further incur the wrath of the hardcore Kenshin fans out there, and after last week, I'd rather not go through that again. Let's just say it didn't quite meet the high standard the Kyoto arc set. I mean, Kenshin fights these dudes with magic slide rulers. No, I'm not joking.

I'm going to answer the next three questions in one breath:

Hi my names David Joyner , well FLCL (Fooly Cooly) has been one of my all times favorite animes besides Cowboy Bebop.. and I heard over the web earlier they might be coming out with a new series to Fooly Cooly ..
I am so CONFUSED?!?! Will there be a new series to FLCL coming out anytime soon or out at all?

I have recently seen the anime Hellsing. I have heard that there is a second season coming out soon is this true?Your response would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

Is the season two of Berserk just another rumor or are they actually going through with it? Thank you for your time.

Say it with me now, folks:


Actually, pre-production on more Berserk was officially confirmed, but I still wouldn't hold your breath, it could be in "pre-production-hell" for a long, long time.

I feel a bit embarrassed asking this question, but I've searched high
and low and can't find the answer for it anywhere. Being a big fan of
Read or Die: the TV, I bought the limited edition case for it with volume
one. I didn't know at the time that the case only holds the DVDs and not
any DVD cases. What I'm wondering is if Geneon will be releasing
disc-only versions of volumes two through seven for those of us who
bought the limited edition case. I'd rather not have six empty DVD cases
lying around.

Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately, the answer to that is no. You're going to wind up with six extra DVD cases. I mean, you have to spend the money on the box, you have to consciously choose to go that route, or else you can just put all the discs on your shelf like you would with any other DVD. I'm a little confused too... the concept of LE packaging that forces you to toss out the regular shelf packaging makes little sense to me. It's very wasteful and doesn't seem like an efficient way to go. Perhaps Geneon will start some kind of mail-in program or subscription service (which, IMHO, would be great for some of these companies... auto-charge 24.99 to your credit card and get the next volume of the series the same day it hits retailers... why hasn't anyone done this yet?) for the series so you don't get stuck with 6 empty cases.

Dear Answerman (not Ms. Answerman)

Though it is rather trivial in and of itself, I would like to dispute one of the statements you made in the December 2003 Answerman column. I have the spare time to throw away on this e-mail because I am an internet-enabled otaku; enough said. In the column you made a comment about the correct pronunciation of Evangelion. While you are justified in stating that it is pronounced "Eh-von-gel-yon" in the anime, this is actually a Japanese mispronunciation due to the Seiyuus' lack of ability to properly pronounce the term. It is pronounced "E-van-jel-yun" if you want to get technical. This is because, technically, Evangelion is the Greek word meaning gospel and, according to the original Greek, it should be pronounced in the aforementioned manner. Just for clarity, I would normally agree with your advice of simply listening to the Japanese language track and listening to the pronunciation, but due to Evangelion's many roots in different cultures I find it necessary to go beyond those confines with this particular series (for example: do you refer to the amorphous blob of an Angel fetus fused to Ikari Gendo's palm as "Adam" or "Ah-dah-mu"). These are simply inconvenient hinderances presented by the Japanese dialect and should not be accepted as correct pronunciations.

Sincerely: Colin Stanhill

In the dub, they say ‘Evangelion’, with a hard G sound. I'm assuming they went through several experts and all kinds of dialects and asked the original producers what it was supposed to sound like. Since the official English name – as I've heard it pronounced a million times by a million people involved in the English production – is pronounced with a hard G (geh not jeh), I'm going to go with that. Mispronounced or not, that's the series' title in English, and that's how you're supposed to pronounce it. If it isn't correct (considering the word “Evangelion” isn't even a real word per say, but a made-up word with roots in real religious vocabulary... . Sounds like the rest of the series, don't it?), you should probably still say it that way since for this particular show, that's correct. How can you claim to know what the absolute right pronunciation is for a made-up word when the guys who made up that word say differently?

Or we could just call it “EVA” like everyone else and get on with our lives.

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