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Our contest has come to a close and we'd like to send out a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers - Design Your Own Brave contest! We were very impressed with everyone's creativity and skills, and it was clear that we definitely had a lot of passionate Rokka fans! It was a difficult to come to a decision on the winners, but after much deliberation, we've chosen three winners for First, Second, and Third Place.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to all who participated!

NAME: Stella Kristi


UNIQUE ABILITIES/GEAR: Saint of Falling Stars. Can summon a meteor shower to fight large groups of enemies - often causing total devastation high collateral damage. Uses a spear for more practical combat.  Interprets omens from celestial alignments in the night sky.

PERTINENT INFO: Stella is self-confident, and has total faith in her abilities as an astrologer. Her actions depend on her predictions and they can vary wildly from cautious and reserved to reckless and destructive. As a result, her assistance can create as many problems as it solves.

First Place

We really liked the design and how it reflected the South American aesthetic influence. The abilities and weaponry of the character are strategically practical and fit into the Rokka universe. In addition to having tactical weaponry, the ability to summon meteor showers to rid enemies in a larger arena is an optimal skill to have allowing for high impact.

Charles Beckman (CV: KENN)


PERTINENT INFO: Charles is a devout priest who follows the Church of the "True Creator." He views the Goddess of Fate and other Gods as messengers for a higher "True Creator," whom he believes to be the true God of the world. However, he still treats the Goddess of Fate and other Gods with respect and dignity.
-Given his unusual view about the Gods, he eliminates his eligibility for Sainthood (in addition to not being female), which he has no problem with. He is steadfast in his beliefs, yet not radical. He is accepting and respectful of the ideologies of others.
-He travels the world spreading ideas of love and compassion, as well as the teachings of the "True Creator." He provides education, humanitarian aid, and medicinal support to many. He also often protects villages from Fiends--acting as an exterminator.
-He views the Demon God as a blight on the world--a test sent down by the Creator to judge mankind's faith and strength. He believes his duty, as a servant of the Creator, is to help humanity survive and defeat the Demon God. Thus, he is very committed to his role as a Brave.
-As a scholar, he is well versed in chemistry, pharmacology, and Fiend anatomy. He can craft various medicines, poisons, and explosives to help in his religious journey. Due to the dangerous nature of his work, he has been trained in close quarters combat. To compensate for his weak strength, he prefers to attack quick and retreat readily. His scientific knowledge gives him insight into the weaknesses of both man and Fiend alike.

UNIQUE ABILITIES/GEAR: Two retractable, forearm-mounted blades (his weapons retract in order to convey a less aggressive image to others). Carries a variety of Oils, Tonics, and Powders.
-Oils can be applied to the blades to act as poison, or to elicit chemical reactions (such as combustible oil to create fire).
-Powders can be used as explosives and smoke bombs, as well for medicinal and hunter-tracker purposes.
-Tonics provide various medicinal benefits ranging from pain and poison relief, wound healing, increased perception, etc.
-Capable fighter who focuses on pre-battle preparation and minimizing encounters. Seeks to attack quick and retreat afterward.

Second Place

A lot of thought and originality was placed into this Brave's story. We founds his background to be very detailed and engaging, allowing us to be able to better understand the character and how he plays in the Rokka world. We also liked the fact that his strength comes from his knowledge rather than physical prowess, therefore making him a more tactical fighter.

Ecotone, The Saint of Division.


UNIQUE ABILITIES/GEAR: With the saintly power of “Division” Ecotone has the ability to just that: divide. This can be in a physical sense or otherwise. Bisecting her enemies and demons is a common method of killing. But her ability can be used on someones mentality (splitting their personality for example). The mask on her face is to mitigate her power and her outfit is fitted with blades and weighted balls for strikes if her limbs are hindered.

PERTINENT INFO: After being blessed by the Goddess of the Divide, Ecotone was quick to be worshipped by the village she grew up in. This popularity didn't last long as her powers were too strong for her to control. In an attempt to contain this power, the village elders contacted other Saints from around the continent to construct a mitigating mask to hinder Ecotone's power so that it can be controlled. The mask was magically fixed to her face and head so that it can (possibly) never be removed. She is trained for the sole purpose of her own control.

Third Place

Although this Braves' unique abilities is a bit terrifying, we thought it was extremely original and creative – something we've yet to see. The idea that the saintly power of “Division” is not just a physical power but can also attack someone's mental stability is powerful.

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