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Re-Enact Your Favorite Attack on Titan Moment! Vote Now!

1. Contest Details

Vote for your favorite Attack on Titan re-enactment photo!

If you have a BookWalker account, you'll also be eligible for some AMAZING PRIZES. To participate, fill out the form below.

Contest ends April 30th, 2017 11:59 PM EDT.
Winners will be announced by May 10th, 2017.

2. GIVEAWAYS: Enter for a chance to WIN!

1st prize
MEDICOM TOY Attack on Titan Real Action Heroes Eren Yeager (1 winner)
Eren Figure
2nd prize

Attack on Titan Complete Season 1 Complete Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD set (1 winner)
*Blu-ray/DVD set is region 1, for US, CA and US territories.

Visit Funimation.com to purchase Attack on Titan home video products.

3rd prize

1,000 JPY (~9 USD) BookWalker Global store credit (50 winners)
*BookWalker will send WebMoney to winners by May 10th, 2017.
*WebMoney will be sent in units of 1,000 JPY, and is only valid for English eBooks on global.bookwalker.jp.
*WebMoney will expire on May 28th, 2017.

3. Contest and Voting Entry Form

Vote for your favorite Attack on Titan re-enactment photo!

To be eligible for a prize, enter your full name and your BookWalker e-mail address from the form below. (You do NOT need to have a BookWalker account to vote.)

Although we saw many wonderful entries, we've narrowed the contestants to our pick of the top 23.

Due to licensor concerns, Anime News Network was asked to remove several entries from this contest. We apologize for any disappointment that this may cause and would like to stress that this decision was not made by our sponsor, BookWalker Global. Each removed entry will receive a consolation prize of 5,000 JPY(approx 45 USD) in WebMoney (BookWalker credits) to spend at global.bookwalker.jp. Individuals who voted for these entries will still be eligible for the random prizes for voting.

GIVEAWAY: To be eligible for a prize, enter the e-mail address associated with your BookWalker account or the e-mail address associated with the social networking account you use to login to BookWalker.

Don't have an account? Create an account for FREE now!
To check or change your BookWalker e-mail address, check your account settings.

I understand and have read the contest rules.

required fields

4. Contest Rules

Voting Rules
  1. You may only vote once. Multiple votes will not be counted.
  2. Winners of the photo contest and the giveaway will be announced and contacted by May 10th, 2017.
  1. BookWalker can ship to anywhere/worldwide via agent of choice (ie: EMS).
  2. BookWalker & ANN are not responsible for the prize once it is shipped to the winners (item replacement/damage/injury).
  3. 1,000 JPY (~9 USD) in WebMoney will be sent as one single code that can only be used on English eBooks on global.bookwalker.jp
  4. You may not use another method of payment (credit card, PayPal, etc.) together with the WebMoney.
  5. You may not use the remaining WebMoney if it is not sufficient to purchase an eBook (Example: If you have 300 JPY of WebMoney remaining, may not be able to purchase an eBook worth 400 JPY).
  6. WebMoney will expire on May 28th, 2017.
  7. ANN will provide the list of names and e-mail addresses of all participants to BookWalker. This information will not be given out to any one else.
  8. BookWalker will contact the winners through their BookWalker e-mail address or SNS e-mail address used to register.
  9. Winners' names will be posted on AnimeNewsNetwork.com.
  10. Non-winners will not be contacted, spammed or harassed in any way.
  11. We reserve the right to retroactively add new rules when and how we see fit.

5. Attack on Titan Manga Sale!

Until April 30th, 2007 use the code "titan" to get 50% OFF on ANY Attack on Titan eBook manga at BookWalker Global!

  • This coupon code is only valid for Attack on Titan related manga. To see eligible books, follow this link.
  • Please enter the coupon code under [Use Coupon] on the BookWalker Global store's settlement page, then click the [Apply Coupon] button to receive the discount.
  • Please note that if you interrupt your purchase after applying the code on the settlement page, the coupon may become unavailable for up to an hour.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Digital Bundle on Sale: *You may use the coupon code above to get 50% off on this bundle.

Attack on Titan manga series is currently being published in English by Kodansha Comics. To see the latest news about the series, check out Kodansha Comics' Attack on Titan page.


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