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ACen 2001: Harmony Gold

by George Phillips,
Harmony Gold/ADV/

Due to pressing business, Harmony Gold could not attend Anime Central and asked ADV's Matt Greenfield and David Williams to cover for them. Nonetheless, David and Matt braved questions from fans of Robotech and provided lots of useful information about the upcoming release of the series.

Robotech Mini-Box sets will be released containing 3 DVDs. A DVD dedicated to extra features will accompany two 6-episode DVDs. The first extra will be "Codename: Robotech", an expanded version of "Gloval's Report", broadcast in some test markets in America, but has rarely been seen since. The second set will contain the Robotech Film, including an audio commentary track by Carl Macek himself. The final boxed set will feature the Sentinels.

Future DVDs and boxed sets will continue with 6 episodes per DVD. No significant effort is being made to enhance the video quality, as ADV stated the amount of work needing to be redone would amount to redoing the cels themselves. Robert Woodhead of AnimEigo humorously added, "Geez Shin, that's an excellent idea!" while Shin Kurokawa squirmed at the thought.

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