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Anime Expo New York


Reps: Joel Burrell, Stuart Levy

Manga & Artbooks:


Tokyopop has acquired the rights to a currently untitled 15-volume Digimon series drawn by a Hong Kong artist. The company will also release a five-volume Akira "film manga". In addition, it has the rights to the manga version of Groove Adventure Rave, but no release plans were made available.

Two hardcover Art of Magic Knights Rayearth books will be released before the end of the year at a price point of $19.99. Each contains over 75 full-color illustrations, as well as additional text for a total of 92 pages. Manga releases through the rest of 2002 include CLAMP's Wish volume 1 and Angelic Layer volume 2, Lupin III, and a manga version of Disney's "Monsters, Inc." with a bonus set of full-color stickers. Tokyopop will also continue releasing Korean and other non-Japanese "manhwa" titles such as Priest and Ragnarok.


Reign, Brigadoon, Initial D and Marmalade Boy will all be released starting sometime in 2003. An "ultimate box set" of the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series will be released before the end of the year, with a current street date of 11.26. It will include six DVD's, a soundtrack CD, a collectible "mystery friendship charm" and four-page collectible parchment inserts, one per DVD. Extras on the DVD's will include art galleries and original character sketches. Despite obvious fan interest, according to Tokyopop CEO Stuart Levy, acquisition of the license to the Kodomo no Omocha TV series is "unrealistic" due to its length and the associated fees. However, Tokyopop will continue looking for an opportunity to bring the series to the US.

Other information

When answering a question from the audience, a Tokyopop representative stated that in regard to CLAMP's older manga titles, such as Tokyo Babylon and RG Veda, "anything we can get, we will get."

Tokyopop is currently soliciting fan artists for its "Rising Stars of Manga" competition. Participants are asked to submit a 15-25 page self-contained manga story before 12.16.2002, with winning entries receiving cash prizes. They will also be published in an anthology sometime in 2003. Rules, additional information, and entry forms are available at http://www.tokyopop.com/news/mangatalent.

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