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Anime Boston 2003
Bandai Entertainment

by Mikhail Koulikov & Bamboo Dong,
Bandai Entertainment
Studio Representative: Jerry Chu

New license announcement: Witch Hunter Robin

No release date given, but strong hints were made that it would be released starting late October 2003.

A special-edition box set of Blue Submarine #6 will be released some time in June on four DVD's, to include footage from the PlayStation game forming what could be considered a "fifth episode." Another new title has been acquired, but no announcement can be made at this time. Four new Spirit of Wonder OAV episodes will also be released later in the year, although no other information is currently available. The feature film Junkers Come Here will receive a limited theatrical release.

Several Bandai titles will be appearing on the Cartoon Network in the upcoming months. These include Kikaider (June) and .hack//SIGN. The Big O will be re-aired as well, to be followed by the premiere of The Big O 2.

Other titles to be released through the rest of the year include: Onegai Teacher/Please Teacher! (standard DVD and limited-edition box), Gene Shaft, .hack, Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars 2, and s-CRY-ed. The limited-edition release of the first DVD of s-CRY-ed will include, in addition to a box, posters, trading cards, and a pendant. Box sets will be made available of Angel Links and Jubei-chan. Also released will be a Saber Marionette J "ultimate collection", to include the entire series of Saber Marionette J, J Again and J to X.

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