Anime Boston 2004
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by Bamboo Dong,
Producer David Williams and DVD Coordinator Mariela Ortiz presented the ADV Films panel to a packed room at Anime Boston this Saturday. The only new acquisition announced was the shoujo series Princess Tutu. All of the episodes were licensed, but no comments were available on the specials.

Pulling from the ADV back catalogue, My Dear Marie and Sonic Soldier Borgman will be released on DVD later this year. Also, the Excel Saga (Im)Perfect Collection will be released on July 2004. The box will be available separately on the ADV website when it is released.

After his announcements, David showed trailers for some of ADV's upcoming releases. The trailers shown were for Get Backers, Grrl Power, Sister Princess, and Nurse Witch Komugi.

In other news, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2041 is still in pre-production and no information is known about its progress. There are no plans right now for a Super Gals boxset, as the box is still available with the first DVD, furthermore there was “no comment” regarding the second season of Super Gals. It has no yet been decided whether or not Get Backers will come with a box, but David dropped the hint that there would be a high episode count on the first disc. Also, the animated Farscape series has been put on hold while the Farscsape mini-series is getting ready to air on the Sci-Fi channel. Lady Death has an estimated release date of October; they are currently auditioning for voice actors. Lastly, ADR starts soon for Mutineer's Moon.

ADV Manga apparently has recently licensed titles, but they are not yet ready to announce. With the Anime Network, there is big news waiting to be announced, but no information can be given at the time. However, subtitled shows are beginning to be aired on the network. Williams declined to comment on the possibility of a linear feed for The Anime Network. TAN is now available in six million households.

When asked about brink-style collections Williams stated that they had a “few others” in the pipes, however for the most part they are slowing down the releases of the brick style sets because the single volumes are selling well. It is ADV's policy to review a show one to two years after the release of the final volume in order to decide whether a brick will be released.

When asked about the Dirty Pair TV series, Williams states that he “really wanted” to release it, but could not forecast anything right now.

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