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Anime Expo 2004
Anime Expo - A.D. Vision Inc.

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Company Representatives: John Ledford - President & CEO, Matt Greenfield - Vice President/Co Founder, David Williams - DVD Producer, Janice Williams - DVD Coordinator

A total of seventeen anime series and features were announced as being licensed. Several of those had been announced or mentioned as early as summer of 2003. The seventeen titles are:

Area 88 TV
Detective Loki
Elfen Lied
Erementar Gerad
Gravion Zwei
Hello Kitty Animation Theater
Kurau: Phantom Memory
Legend of Moby Dick
Moeyo Ken
Nanaka 6/17
Saiyuki: Requiem (theatrical feature)
Tactics (TV)
Tree of Palme

ADV has not yet decided if they will use the pre-exisiting subtitles that were created for Tree of Palme's theatrical screenings (at various festivals in North America and around the world) or if they will create a new set of subtitles.

Hello Kitty wil be released as a hybrid DVD with English and Japanese audio tracks and English subtitles.

The classic 1966 Marine Boy TV series will be airing on The Anime Network. Dark Water has joined the list of manga titles ADV will be releasing.

In response to audience questions, the ADV studio representatives referenced the recent hiring of Steven Buck to direct the ADV Films Theatrical Division and mentioned that over 30 films ADV has the rights to are currently "in queue" for potential theatrical release.

When answering another question, it was stated that, given the success of The Anime Network, titles ADV has acquired will frequently be made available on The Anime Network prior to DVD release.

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