Anime Expo 2004
Anime Expo - ComicsOne & Infinity Studios

by Christopher Macdonald,
Anime News Network staff were not able to attend the ComicsOne panel, however ComicsOne marketing manager Nicole Curry has provided us with some details from the panel.

The panel was actually hosted by ComicOne partner, Infinity Studios. ComicsOne and Infinity Studios are working on the Peigenz (Pagans) manwha series together. Peigenz is drawn by Manwha super star Park Sung Woo (Dark Striker, Sirius, NOW). Most of the panel focussed on Peigenz, the first volume of which is now available in stores. Peigenz will be 8 volumes total.

It was also mentioned at the panel that ComicsOne has acquired the license for the Infinite Ryvius manga. More details on this are expected later.

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