Anime Expo 2004
Anime Expo - Geneon Music

by Christopher Macdonald,
Company Representatives: Nobu Yamamoto & Stephen Tang

The Geneon Music panel started out with a rundown of upcoming music releases. The Sonic Heroes soundtrack will be released in November. Geneon will include drama tracks on CDs when possible, two upcoming CDs with drama tracks include Love Hina Again and Ai Yori Aoshi. As was mentioned at Anime Central, Geneon will not include the translations in the insert, but will rather post them on their website. This is because the translations would require too much space physical space inside the CD case.

Geneon has signed a distribution deal with Trans World. FYRE and Planet Music are just two of the many music store chains that Trans World owns. Starting with a big promotion on July 27th, Trans World will place Geneon Music CDs into 75 of their stores, starting out with an initial 28 titles. A lot of JVC, King, Aniplex, Starchild, and Geneon titles will be available at Trans World stores.

Regarding their CD releases, they said, "We're doing our best to keep true to the original Japanese CD."

Regarding the rest of the Para Para Max CDs. Ishida's concert success motivated the Geneon execs to discuss the possibility, however the fragmented licenses present a significant obstacle to licensing and releasing the CDs here.

When asked why the ROD the TV soundtracks was split onto two individual CD releases, when the Japanese version was released in a single 2-disc set, Geneon explained that the decision was based on financial motivation. The Royalties for all 60 tracks in the soundtrack did not come cheap and a single-set release would have been too expensive. Still, it was pointed out that the combined cost of the two domestic releases is less than the cost of importing the Japanese set.

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