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Anime Expo 2004
Anime Expo - VIZ LLC

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Studio Representative: Alex Spence - product manager, Beth Kawasaki - editor, Eric Searleman - editor

Viz has confirmed that it will be releasing the Yami no Matsuei manga, using both the Japanese name and the English “Descendants of Darkness” title that the anime series is released under. Viz will also be releasing the soccer manga Whistle! and Beet the Vandal Buster. The first volume of Beet, a product of the creative team behind the manga Dragon Quest, is set to be released in October. In addition, the panel presented a number of titles Viz will be releasing and has confirmed in press releases, but not via announcements at conventions. These include Cheeky Angel, Case Closed, Beyblade (at a $7.99 price point), Yuu Watase's Imadoki!, Red River, Ultimate Muscle, and Kare-First Love.

SaiKano will be released over a total of seven volumes. Despite the fact that the last volume of the seven is fairly sexually explicit, it will not be shrink-wrapped unless retailers themselves decide to do so.

Studio Representative: Toshifumi Yoshida - producer, Anthony Jiwa - director of marketing

The first Inu Yasha movie will be shown in theaters in a limited number of major cities throughout August and September. Showings will be free, by invitation only. Invitations will be made available to subscribers to Viz mailing lists, and each showing will accommodate 200 to 250 viewers, on a first come, first serve basis. Additional information on theaters, dates, and showtimes will be made available at the Viz website. Two of the showings will take place in connection with the San Diego Comic Con and Otakon.. Despite previous reports announcing that the movie will air on Cartoon Network on October 23, it is not expected to be shown until at least April 2005. The second Inu Yasha movie is set to be released on DVD in December.

On September 7th Viz will release the first season Inu Yasha boxed set, and the first Inu Yasha movie. In addition to the regular boxed set, there will be a deluxe boxed set that will include an imported Inu Yasha necklace.

At San Diego Comic Com, Viz will conduct open auditions for a role as an extra in a forthcoming episode of Inu Yasha.

The first DVD volume of MegaMan NT Warrior will be released in August, at a $14.98 price point. According to Mr. Yoshida, the release will be “not entirely uncut” from the original Japanese version.

The release of Flame of Recca will commence in October. A preview disc with the first episode will be included in the October issue of Animerica Magazine. 4 eps / disc

While the Hikaru no Go trailer was playing at the Viz booth in the Anime Expo dealer's room, it was stated that this should not be taken to imply that Viz has licensed this title. The clips are used solely to promote the Hikaru no Go property in general, across various media.

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