Otakon 2004

by George Phillips,
Representative: Lance Heiskell, Brand Manager

Early in the FUNimation panel, Lance Heiskell confirmed that FUNimation held the rights to the new Grappler Baki TV series. The information slipped onto the internet early, but was confirmed today.

Amongst the upcoming DVDs from FUNimation:
Case Closed Season 1 volume 1 will be released on August 24th, with a price tag of $19.98. Case Closed Season 3 volume 1 will also be released at that time. The Case Closed DVDs will include the original Japanese audio, honorifics and signs, as well as including a dub track. Dragon Ball GT episodes 1-16 (The "Lost" Episodes) are currently on sale. Volume 1 (eps 1-3) of Dragon Ball GT The Lost Episodes went on sale July 13th. Volume 2 goes on sale September 7th. Shaman King volume 1 and 2 uncut and Yu-Gi-Oh! volume 1 and 2 uncut will be on sale starting October 19th, for a price tag of $19.98. The same day will also see the release of Yū Yū Hakusho Dark Tournament. On October 26th, FUNimation will release the Sakura Taisen: Sumire OAV.

A Fruits Basket boxed set is coming on November 9th, for $99.98. It will include all 26 episodes. Spiral volume 1 will be released at the same time, as well as Spiral 1 with a box. The boxed set edition will feature an extra, that "ties in with the opening credits". The opening of Spiral features several games in the background, including a jigsaw puzzle and bingo.

Fullmetal Alchemist premieres on Cartoon Network this November, and the first DVD goes on sale in January, 2005. Set for a 16 DVD release, Fullmetal Alchemist will average 3-4 episodes per DVD for $24.98. FUNimation is currently looking into doing character goods, "tunes" and other products for the series, but nothing can be confirmed at this point.

FUNimation is expected to launch their own forums within the next two weeks, allowing fans to contact FUNimation directly with questions about upcoming releases.

The masters for the first half of Kodomo no Omocha have arrived, and production will begin soon. Lance said that FUNimation interviewed Director Akitarō Daichi at Sakuracon this past summer. It's estimated that Kodocha will be on sale by summer, 2005.

It was stated at the panel that FUNimation had talked with The Anime Network about having FUNimation titles aired, but Heiskell later corrected himself and informed us that they have not been talking with The Anime Network.

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