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Otakon 2005
Go Comi

by Sean Broestl, Bamboo Dong,
Go! Comi
Representative: Jake Forbes

Go! Comi may be relatively new in the manga scene, but they're getting off to a good start. During their Otakon panel, Jake Forbes talked extensively about their upcoming releases. October 19 will mark the debut of their first four titles: Her Majesty’s Dog, Cantarella, Crossroad, and Tenshi Ja Nai!! (I'm no Angel!!). Her Majesty’s Dog will be exclusive to Borders and Waldenbooks chains, and will receive a wide release in the spring.

Forbes also talked a bit about the translation process, and how cultural references and jokes were adapted from Japanese into English.

Afterwards, the representative gave some background information on Go! Comi. The company was started by owner David Wise. Responsible for helping turn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into the multimedia property that it was in the 90s, Wise has also worked on dozens of animated shows, including the Batman animated series.

Go! Comi's goal as a company is to become more of a partner and less of just a licensor. The company would like to first carve its own niche, and then continue to expand the market. These plans include moving into video and video game markets eventually.

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