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Otakon 2005
ADV Films

by Sean Broestl, Bamboo Dong,
ADV Films

Representatives: Matt Greenfield, David Williams, Lauren Goodnight

This was the second of two ADV panels at Otakon 2005. The first panel on Friday night was used to show trailers for upcoming ADV shows. Saturday's panel was a more general panel consisting entirely of Q&A time.

Questions started off with a query about the release format for Gantz. Gantz was originally released 2 episodes a disc for $17.98 as an experiment to help get the show out to people who had said that the price point was too high. Now that people want the show, the release format has changed to 4 episodes a disc for $29.98.

Another couple questions were about Princess Tutu. Namely, when the next volume would be coming out, and if there would be an artbox for the series. Volume one is going to be re-released in November, then additional volumes will follow. As far as an artbox goes, nothing is planned right now, but one could be included with the last volume.

David Williams took some time midway through the panel to talk about how ADV is harnessing bittorrent to help promote their shows. ADV is using the protocol to distribute extended-length trailers and other promotional material to help fans learn more about a show before purchasing it on DVD. Princess Tutu and Godannar are just a couple of the shows that will have “torrents” available soon.

ADV also responded to questions about The Anime Network. The channel is now available to twice the number of people who own DVR units.

One of the final questions of the panel pertained to when season two of Kaleido Star would be released. Williams said they are aiming for December or January.

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