Anime Boston 2006
AMV Contest

by Mikhail Koulikov,
With a total of thirty entries in six categories, the Anime Boston 2006 AMV contest was notable, first and foremost, for the high quality of the videos. Eeach one, not just the winners, could easily have placed at any other convention. The other memorable item was the sheer variety of anime used, and the fact that some of the more perennial titles like Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist only appeared in one video each. The eight winners (three technical awards and five Best of Category awards, one of which then also took Best of Show) represented a significant range of video types and styles.

Michael Zubrzycki took home Best Concept, largely for being able do the seemingly impossible and fit a Berserk video into the Romance category. And Jonathan Reed's “true:Fiction” (whose theme he gives as “little girls with big mecha) justly was the judges' choice for Best Editing. In the words of another con-goer, this video, set to E Nomine's Das Omen, and featuring video source from sixteen different anime and extensive original graphics and stock effects, likely took as much time to put together as the other twenty-nine entries combined.

Technical Awards (Jury vote):
Judges Choice: Alegretto Productions, “One More Beginning” (Chrono Crusade, Michael Tolcher, The Sun Song)
Best Concept: Michael Zubrzycki, “Gatsu's Promise” (Berserk, Bon Jovi, I'll Die for You)
Best Editing: Jonathan Reed, “true:Fiction” (Various, E Nomine, Das Omen)

Category Awards (Popular vote):
Best Drama: Reigna, “Lost Ones” (The Place Promised In Our Early Days, Anberlin, Change the World)
Best Fun/Upbeat/Other: Songbird 21, “Foxman Begins” (Naruto, Batman Begins movie trailer)
Best Romance: Tech Girl Productions, “Conter les Heures” (Chrono Crusade, Rufus Wainwright, Hallelujah)
Best Comedy: Third Lens Open Productions, “Fullmetal Hell” (Fullmetal Alchemist, various songs)
Best Action: Marisa Panaccio, “
Hold Me Now” (Princess Tutu, Nanne Gronvall, Hall Om Mig Nu)

To the surprise of the judges, “Hold Me Now”, which again proved that a category can extend to cover anime far above and beyond the obvious, was also the audience favorite, and thus, the winner of the Anime Boston 2006 AMV Contest Best of Show award.

View these AMV's online:

Hold Me Now
Lost Ones
Foxman Begins
Conter les Heures
Fullmetal Hell
One More Beginning
True Fiction

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