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Toonami Jetstream

by Sean Broestl,
Viz Media and Cartoon Network - Toonami Jetstream

Anthony Jiwa and Liza Coppola from Viz Media and Molly Chase from Cartoon Network were on hand to discuss their new jointly developed online streaming service, Toonami Jetstream. The service will launch in the US on July 17th with a mix of Viz Media shows and CN's original content. After the brief to the service, the lights dimmed to run a series of trailers highlighting Naruto, Samurai Jack, Hikaru no Go, Megas XLR, The Prince of Tennis, and MÄR as launch titles for Toonami Jetstream.

In particular, Hikaru no Go and MÄR were highlighted as shows that will premiere and only be shown on the Jetstream service. These shows will still see traditional DVD releases later on, but they will likely never touch traditional broadcast mediums like cable or satellite.

Part of Jetstream's appeal is that the service is completely free, though in exchange for viewing some brief advertising before each show begins. New episodes are added weekly and can be watched an unlimited number of times while that episode is available to watch. Episodes will generally be archived for four to six weeks before being removed to make room for new content. Since Jetstream is a video streaming service, the episodes cannot be downloaded or saved for future viewing.

Jetstream is being marketed as a broadband-only service only available in the US. While it will silently detect what speed broadband the viewer has, it really needs to be a broadband internet service. Dial-up users will not be able to handle the level of video quality Jetstream provides. IP addresses from outside the US will not be able to connect to the service.

As far as the level of editing goes, it's best to think of the service as using the same standards used for the Toonami segment. That also means the service will likely not ever be carrying subtitled content. Special features were mentioned as a possibility, but no other details on that.

Toonami Jetstream launches on July 17th. Watch Toonami on July 15th for special launch events. You can find Toonami Jetstream at

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