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Anime Expo 2008
ADV Sneak Peek

by Bamboo Dong,

Representative: Matt Greenfield

ADV's Sneak Peek panel was well-attended by fans, even though its existence was a bit of a surprise to Matt Greenfield, who confessed to not knowing about the panel until the previous night. He brought two episodes of Kiba to show the audience, but spent some time beforehand answering questions.

Greenfield wasn't ready to talk about ADV's current situation, but did acknowledge that the company's separation from their partnership with Sojitz left recent titles with their “fate undetermined.” He also expressed his wishes that whichever company ends up distributing the titles will hire the same voice cast to continue the production of the episodes.

Although Greenfield didn't think that ADV would be announcing any new acquisitions this weekend, he mentioned that they were in negotiations for 23 titles. No information was given as to when they might be revealed.

In response to a question about ADV's liquidation of their furniture, Greenfield said that most of the furniture was from their warehouse division and the PiQ offices. As posted on ANN earlier in the ear, all of ADV's online sales are now being distributed by The Right Stuf.

Another question was asked about ADV's presence in the exhibitor hall. While previous Anime Expo attendees may remember ADV's trademark tower, the space has been replaced this year by a simple DVD sales booth. The booth space was reserved by ADV, but is being occupied by a distribution service owned by one of ADV's employees.

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